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Anybody who wants to be on a spreadsheet post as much as you want of the information below. I have no idea if we'll use it for anything. 
Right now it's just for shits and giggles. 

ETA: To clarify,  the sex of your baby, you can update later when you actually find out.  

-Team Green
-Other children?

Here's the link to the spreadsheet! Thank you for your patience. 
If you're not able to edit the sheet, just post below and I'll continue to add you. 



Re: Spreadsheet

  • kbeers13
    Hoping for a boy and definitely finding out! 
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  • Notsoblissylissy
    hoping for a girl, might be team green
    STM with a DD (age 2) 
  • -imrachellea
    -Outside Cincinnati (small town so not getting specific)
    -Hoping for a boy because we have two girls, will be finding out (probably)
    -Two daughters, almost 5 and 2.5
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  • k2k2tog
    May 4
    Outside Toronto
    Ontario, Canada
    Team Green
    2 daughter, 4 and almost 2

    DD1: June 2014 - VBM4lyfe
    DD2: October 2016
    DC3: coming May 2019

  • Screename: mrskoz428
    -EDD: 5/10/19
    -City: Sparta
    -State: Wisconsin
    -Sex: Unknown; hoping for a girl; not Team Green (aim way to impatient!)
    -Other children: Only Fur children (they count in my mind!) ❤️
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  • sleepy33
    Kansas City
    DS is nearly 5
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  • nopegoatnopegoat member
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    edited October 2018
    ETA removing myself from the spreadsheet. Wish you all the best! ❤️ 

  • I'm so glad more people posted! I was beginning to think the party I threw was going to be a bummer. 

  • Oh sorry, I forgot to say that the boy/girl obviously you don't know yet, but when you do, you can update here. 

  • jarethinafrock
    Team Green
    1 girl aug 2014 & 1 boy nov 2016

    DD: 8/20/14; DS: 11/13/16; Baby #3: due 5/11/19 (team green)

  • bumbly_b 
    N. CA
    Leaning towards girl  
    No other children. 
  • Bpietronicco 
    Boy (ivf with pgs testing)
    1 girl aug 2013 (was part of sept 2013 bmb)

  • Stormiewinter
    two boys 5 and 2.5

  • -Screenname: Robyn2201
    -EDD 05/08 for now
    -State: So Cal
    - sex: TBD
    -Other children? Two girls
    Ivy: July 2010  |  Stella: Dec 2012  |  BFP#3: MMC at 11Wk's, July 2017 | BFP#4: Baby Boy Due May 2019

  • -Screen name: Marshmallowmadness
    -EDD: 05/29
    -State: Ohio
    -Sex: I'll let ya know
    -Other children: yes, 4.
    Daisypath - z1at
    Baby 1 - November 2009
    *loss* - March 2010
    Baby 2 - January 2011
    Baby 3 - June 2015
    Baby 4 - April 2017
    Baby 5 - May 2019

  • -Lappymom2019
    -May 28
    - New Jersey
    - First time mom and we will be finding out the sex, but I do not have a preference.
  • - ekauther
    - 5/12
    - Nashville
    - Tennessee
    - TBD
    - First timer
  • @BumpAdmin could we please get this thread pinned? Thank you!

  • michegilbmichegilb member
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    edited October 2018
    Screename : michegilb
    EDD -5/27 as of now
    City - Chandler
    State- AZ
    Team Green 
    Other children- 2 year old son 😍
  • -Screename: eatinwatermelonseeds
    -EDD: May 13
    -City: Olympia
    -State: WA
    -I have been leaning toward girl, but I'll be happy either way
    -Other children: 4 year old son, 5 in a month
  • Screename: justharrison
    EDD: May 23
    State: Pennsylvania 
    Sex: male
    Other Children: none

  • SN: MaggieG183
    EDD: May 7
    State: Montana
    Sex: Team Green
    Other children: DS age almost 2
  • missy052819missy052819 member
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    edited October 2018

    SN: Missy052819
    EDD: May 28
    State: Maryland
    City: Baltimore
    Sex: We will find out
    Other children: 3 kitties :smile:

    edited to add city  B)

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  • Thanks for starting this @expandcontract!

    -Screename: JulWonderlust
    -EDD: May 30
    -City: Baltimore
    -State: Maryland
    - No preference 
    - Nope, FTM
  • -Screename: _imalai
    -EDD: 05/22
    -State: Utah 
    -we’ll find out gender but no preference. 
    -Other children? STM DS will be 2 in November. 
  • -Screename: GeorgiaGirl1230
    -EDD: May 8th
    -City: Newnan
    -State: GA

    We will find out, but no preference
    -Team Green

    -Other children? DD, age 5 (April '13)

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  • -Screename: mrsdee15
    -EDD: 5/2/18
    -City: San Diego
    -State: CA
    -Team Green
    -Other children?: 1 DD
    DD born PPROM preemie at 36 weeks on 10/1/17 after over a year TI, 
    then 3 failed IUIs, and finally a successful IVF FET.

    Due with #2 5/2/19 after HIO once in my FW,
    because apparently that's how life works now. Team Blue!
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  • Screename: ElleJDubs
    -EDD: 5/23
    -City: Ledyard
    -State: CT
    -Finding Out
    -Other children? 2 DS, ages 3 and 6

  • kbelly777kbelly777 member
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    edited October 2018
    -Screen name-- kbelly777
    -EDD-- 5-14-19 **edd changed to 5-11-19
    -City--  montgomery 
    -State--  Alabama
    -Boy-- would love to have a son
    -Team Green
    -Other children? 2 girls ages 3 & 5 (two in heaven edd 2/13/18 and 11/8/18)
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  • Screen name: msb615
    EDD: May 22 (will change due to induction for hereditary high bp)
    State: Georgia 
    Girl/Boy: Haven’t found out yet 
    Other Children: One 2 year old son 

  • -Screename: segiesue
    -EDD: 5/26
    -City: Syracuse
    -State: NY
  • -Screename: MamaJoJo1981
    -EDD: 5/18
    -City: Los Angeles
    -State: CA
    -Girl - Fiance & me would love a girl, but
    -Boy - we'd be happy with a boy too
    Definitely want to find out the gender
    -Other children?: No other children
  • elenichs
    Upper Peninsula of Michigan
    I think I’m meant to be a boy mom, but will find out
    2 boys, ages 8 & 11
  • -Elliebo 
    -May 24
    -South Jersey 
    -No preference but we will be finding out
    -DD, age 4
  • I forgot my sn 😬😳
    edd 5/22
    state: louisiana
    hoping for a boy, but won't be finding out
    4 kids: 19g,15b,11b, and 6g 
  • ellieboelliebo member
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    edited October 2018
    I’m from Jersey too @lappymom2019
  • mrsclark731mrsclark731 member
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    edited October 2018
    just moved from south Jersey to Delaware
    ETA: GIRL 
    daughter born February 2015 (3.5 years) 
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