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UO Thursday 9/27


Re: UO Thursday 9/27

  • @expandcontract Huh? I'm so confused right now 
  • @expandcontract Huh? I'm so confused right now 
    Wasnt it you whom i shared the grateful_girl_mom Instagram account with? Hmmmm oops. 

  • edited September 2018
    @expandcontract Haha. No. It was @atinsley0625. But I still went and looked at this grateful girl mom's Instagram and cringed. Yikes.

    Edited because spelling 
  • edited September 2018
    @hutterflutter1019 ohhhh Im sorry! Im so bad with names.  

    Let me try this again. ..
    @atinsley0625 this wasn't you was it? 

  • @expandcontract No worries! Makes me feel special I'm a little memorable.
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