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  • @DuchessOfCambridge and @sleepy33 I miss onesie footie pjs sooo much! 😍 And I don’t hate the snap ones, but I definitely prefer the zip ups. 
  • sleepy33 said:
    Y'all, I totally just imagined how T I N Y a lil' baby is compared to my giant kiddo and now I'm like ugly crying at work like imagining holding a lil teeny bebe again I can't
    There are always teeny tiny 7-8 week olds at my workout class and I just fawn over them. From a distance, so as to not be creepy. I can't believe DS was ever that little 
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  • sleepy33 said:
    Y'all, I totally just imagined how T I N Y a lil' baby is compared to my giant kiddo and now I'm like ugly crying at work like imagining holding a lil teeny bebe again I can't
    There are always teeny tiny 7-8 week olds at my workout class and I just fawn over them. From a distance, so as to not be creepy. I can't believe DS was ever that little 
    JUST YOU WAIT until DS is 5 and giant and riding water slides by himself  :'(  LOL JUST KIDDING BC OF YOUR EARLIER UO I SWEAR
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  • @sleepy33 I’m so excited for another teeny baby. DS is 2 and so wild and not very snuggly anymore, and I miss it so much. 
  • nopegoat said:
    I actually like sex while pregnant. So much less stress. 
    I have sads that I am on pelvic rest
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  • @nopegoat I agree.  All the crappiness I was feeling last week is gone and my drive is back.  We’ve been using the natural family planning method, quite successfully, for years, but totally thoughtless sex (without caring about cycles etc)is way more fun.  
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  • @nopegoat I can agree with that when I’m not too tired to do it 😂 The couple of times we have this past week though have been 👍🏻
  • secicc12 said:
    @DuchessOfCambridge Those comments are the worst!! Especially while pregnant. It's like future parents try to scare you or project their unhappiness onto you. So many people used to say "Just wait until you don't sleep for a year". Well, DD started sleeping through the night at 4 months so SUCK IT. I try so hard not to make comments like that to friends or other parents. I usually am saying "just wait until they start doing X - it's so exciting!". Not bringing the voice of doom. 

    @nopegoat Less stress and your stomach is SUPPOSED to hang out. Plus, huge boobs. Win win!

    I'll be back with an UO of my own....
    Omg This. I had insanely horrible insomnia all throughout my pregnancy without DD. If I got 4 hours, it was a good night.  So when she was born DH and I split the nights in half and I would ALWAYS get at least 7 hours (5 straight through and 2 dozing while lying on the couch next to her bassinet$.
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  • @chloe97 Omg I can't imagine 4 hours being a good night. DH and I did the split nights too - I would head up to bed around 8 and then he'd watch the baby until 2 am, then I'd take over. It was a lifesaver! 

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  • @secicc12 @chloe97 I wish someone had told me how horrible you sleep WHILE pregnant! DD started STTN at 3 weeks  o:) We were hit hard with every regression and while traveling but it was really amazing. Every baby is different.

    @peachy13 I probably perpetuate your UO. I don't say it to others about THEM, but I say this about us since DD was/is so easy. I don't want people to think I'm taking all the credit. I know some babies are just easier so I joke she was lulling us into a false sense of confidence so we'd have another. That's usually the context people say it to me in, too, although they do usually add that that one won't be as easy. My mom had it the reverse. My brother was a hellion who didn't STTN until 10 or 13 months or something ridiculous and they still decided to have me 2 1/2 years apart and I was a super easy baby.
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  • nopegoat said:
    Going off of @DuchessOfCambridge's UO of "just you wait", mine is I feel the same way when a FTM says, "I'll never" or "my kid will never". It's the same condensending, know it all tone. I've learned the hard way to never say never when it comes to parenting. So many words eaten. 

    I also hate the just you wait comments. 
    So much this!  And while I also hate the “you just wait” comments, these types of FTMs are the ones I want to “you just wait” at. 
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  • msb615 said:
    @nopegoat yesss on the “I’ll never..”. That may be the only time I would say “Just you wait!”  Kidding, kidding! 😂
    Lol, you must have posted while I was typing.  Great minds...
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  • @kvh22 Homegirl was sleeping 11-12 hours at 8 weeks?! Damn! That's amazing. So funny how babies are completely different. You can use the same exact techniques/tricks with one and it will totally not work on another. 

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  • @peachy13 My first baby was a "good baby", but the idea still rubbed me the wrong way. Any time someone would tell me that, or ask if she was, I would reply, "Every baby is a good baby." They are new to the world, for chrissakes! Everyone is doing the best they can.
  • kvh22kvh22
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    @secicc12 10p-6a at 3 weeks. it was INSANE! She went 6 hours the night before our 2 week appointment and I freaked out thinking I was depriving her of calories by not waking her but she was gaining weight so well the ped said to let her sleep. I know she was a unicorn (I've been using that a lot today) and it had nothing to do with us. I was probably not sharing too much in our BMB FB group about it since I felt kind of guilty getting so much sleep so early.
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  • Agree with all the "just you wait" stuff. It's so frustrating, especially when it's randos at the store or something. "It's a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME WHEN THEY START WALKING" ..................... :|    

    My UO is a totally LOVE my body when I'm pregnant (minus my ankles). I love how clothes look with a bump, and I can't wait to start showing. 
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    @k2k2tog trigger warnings where just as big before on tb.  Back when i was first on you'd even be asked to tw your signatures. 
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  • @SpaceBurger I love being pregnant. Of course the baby at the end is great but I know a lot of women who just deal with the bump to get to baby, think it's amazing we can do this as women, it's amazing to feel so connected to the baby, etc (which is all true) but just don't love the way they feel about how they look pregnant. First tri sucks and is NOT cute but once I start showing, I love it. I'm actually excited that as a STM I will show earlier this time and fully embrace the maternity pants as early as possible. I'd said to a couple of people that I really loved being pregnant and then paused and checked with DH to make sure I wasn't misremembering.
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  • @psychobutthead I did notice that everyone’s signatures are hidden under spoilers. I thought it was because they take up so much space in the posts. It was definitely not like that in 2014. 

    But. I am fine to say I am off base and will honour the way of the board. 

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  • @kvh22 I usually have pretty rough pregnancies but I do love having a bump. Though the back and hip pain that goes with sucks.

  • chloe97 said:
    Which leads me to my UO. I’m not going to breastfeed again with DD and I think too much emphasis is put on breastfeeding comes from OTHER moms not the actual Drs. 

    Long story short, I had always planned to breastfeed, got horrible pregnancy insomnia that spun into Severe Pregnancy Depression. DH, all my Drs (including my pediatrician), and my in-laws and parents were adamant that I not breastfeed and instead focus on my own health and sleep. Long story short, a month after DD was born I was sleeping normally without drugs, had the veil of depression lifted, and both DD and I were thriving. 

    Too many women breastfeed to the point of not taking care of themselves. If they had honest conversations with drs about their sleepless nights leading to depression, Drs would encourage them to supplement or even stop, but so many want to be perfect Moms and that means hurting yourself to get there.

    Dont get me wrong, there are many women who can breastfeed and figure out how to get enough sleep and remain depression-free. But many cannot. The research is soooo clear that the most important thing for a developing healthy baby is a baby who is fed with a Mom who is thriving and well-supported. 

    SITB @chloe97 THANK YOU. Thank you for saying this. I feel exactly the same. I struggled so badly the first time and went into such a dark place. I felt SO guilty and I loathed the newborn phase because of it. I want to enjoy every moment of my child's life! I still wrestle with the decision of at least trying to BF, but I just don't know if I can. I guess my UO is that the main reason I am struggling to figure out if I want to attempt BF'ing again or not is because I lost almost all my weight in 3 weeks last time and now I am nervous if I don't try, I won't lose the weight. It's so selfish, I know.
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