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PGAL check-in w/o 9/26

Welcome to the PGAL (Pregnant after loss) weekly thread!

**This is a general trigger warning that CP, miscarriage/spontaneous abortion, selective abortion due to medical complications, and/or stillbirth may be mentioned.There is no need to add specific trigger warnings in your posts, but you may if you choose.** 

1. How far along are you? Any milestones? 

2. How are you feeling (pregnancy symptoms)? 

3. How are you feeling (anxiety wise)? 

4. Any appointment updates?

5. What's been happening in your life this week? Rants/raves/whatever (Dear diary posts and venting are welcome and encouraged here): 

6. GTKY: What's your worst date story?

Re: PGAL check-in w/o 9/26

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  • @lippy625 Eww, what a creep...I'm sure he was able to get a lot of women to go home with him with that winning attitude. *eyeroll*  Ahh, I love Jodi Picoult...enjoy the meet and greet!
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  • @clbness Have you read her new book, A Spark of Light, yet? The event includes a discussion on it but I haven't read it so I am hoping the ending isn't spoiled! The ticket cost comes with a signed copy and I didn't want to buy it twice. 
  • @lippy625 I haven't!  I actually haven't read one of her books in a few years, but there is something about her writing (and how she ends her books) that sparks a lot of emotion in me.  I need to get back into reading more regularly.  I don't blame you for not wanting to buy 2 copies...I hope it's not spolied for you too!
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  • @artemis618 Where do you live? I'm jealous that you are somewhere where sunscreen is still necessary in September, haha!

    @clbness Ew, what a turd. Some people just suck. Good luck with your appointment this afternoon!

    @lippy625 I love Kevin Hart! I was so bummed to have missed him when he was here a few months ago. I hope you guys get to go!
  • @Hollyyyyy I hope so too! His work gets free tickets and his boss thinks there are 2 extra but we don't have a definite answer yet. I had just watched him on Jimmy Fallon with Robert Irwin and seeing him terrified of all the animals reminded me how funny I think he is. 
  • @echo-charlietango I am jealous of your relationship with your dogs. It's the opposite in my house, the dogs are totally chill around H and super needy with me. It's probably my fault because I spoil them but still! I also am glad someone else knows Bowling for Soup. My H insists he has no idea who they are even after I played the two songs by them that were very popular when we were in college. And the town's FB page is filled with comments like "who are they?" and "we couldn't get anyone better?" This is a tiny town fair so I think they are doing pretty good by getting Bowling for Soup and the concert is free, quit complaining! 
  • omg @lippy625 that jimmy fallon/kevin hart video just came up on my fb and i died. Have you seen jumanji? i didn't think i'd like it but it was pretty hilarious. I also love the rock. 
  • @morgantu so funny! I would be scared of a tarantula too but that baby ostrich was freaking adorable! I haven't seen Jumangi, I'll have to check it out. I love the Rock also and have watched many "bad" movies multiple times because of him (Baywatch and San Andreas specifically) haha
  • @lippy625 then you should definitely watch jumanji, it's legitimately funny! I would have been a no for the snake and spider, but the ostritch and bird were good :) jimmy was hilarious too
  • @morgantu What an odd date! I love baseball too!

    I haven’t seen the new Jumanji but I heard it’s funny...and that video of Kevin and Jimmy is just awesome! Hard pass on the tarantula for me. Snake is a maybe. 
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  • @mommythlegend hoooooly smokes 6 weeks from today seems so soon!!! 
  • @morgantu & @katy0990 I know! 9 weeks seemed getting pretty close, when he told me 6 on Friday I could not calm down all day! I was like- that is soo soon! I can't believe it! 
  • @texas_t it's sign language interpreting, same as my regular job. Just at a company that processes video phone calls for deaf people. It's fine, just ended up being a long day and it was super busy! Sorry to hear about your cold. 

    Also, I have thought of some other funny date stories. One is from HS when i went to prom my freshman year. The guy i went with liked me more than i liked him, but i wanted to go to prom, so i said yes. We had a nice time, and then on the way home he tried to kiss me across the front seat of the car but he had already buckled his seatbelt and he couldn't reach! He unbuckled and started to try again but i was like, "actually, maybe just take me home". It was soooooo awkward but we still joke about it when we see each other (which is rare). 

    another one was a set up by friends. A big group of people we going camping for the weekend and the only single guy (i was the only single girl) was apparently interested in me. We had to canoe out to the island where we were camping, so of course the two of us are sharing a canoe. I asked him if he wanted to row or steer, and he said steer, so he got in the back. Turns out, dude didn't know how to steer a canoe and it took us like twice as long as everyone else to get to the campsite. Luckily, we had different tents. We still see each other all the time and he's a sweetie, it was just not going to work out romantically. 
  • @morgantu I'm not the most outdoorsy gal anymore, but I could not take a man seriously if he couldn't steer a canoe. I totally would have precariously switched positions with him so I could show him how it's done. AlphaEcho don't need no man to steer her canoe.
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  • @katy0990 that's crazy! I would've had a million questions running through my head the entire time. Meeting your SO's family would be a good GTKY starting with your story haha!
  • @echo-charlietango in total seriousness, it went on my 'must have' list for a partner. Luckily, h is super outdoorsy. 
  • @morgantu Ha! I'm happy that our respective men can steer canoes :lol:
    I once dated a man primarily for his looks & his ability to cook. After breaking up with him I realized that I needed some survivalist James Bond in my life. Amazingly DH showed up and whilst camping we realized that I needed more get-a-way skills, because he can drive/fly/steer things and I need to contribute. So far we've decided that my skills are social, and if we need to plot an escape I will be in charge of distractions and bad French while he commandeers a vehicle :smiley:
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  • @artemis618 the dress looks great! Glad you got it on time!
  • @artemis618 Oh, that dress is super cute!
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  • @artemis618 So glad the dress arrived in time, it looks great on you!
  • @morgantu At least you know how to steer! If I was in a canoe with a man who didn’t know how to steer, well, we’d probably paddle in circles until someone rescued us.

    @echo-charlietango Sounds like you guys are the perfect team!
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  • @artemis618 I love it! You don’t even look pregnant from the front. Where did you get it from again?

  • Thanks ladies!  @katy0990 It’s ASOS maternity - and was on super sale for $38 (shipped, no taxes).  But that also made it hard to find in my size.  Just keep in mind that it can apparently take a while to get things, frustratingly.
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  • @artemis618 I specifically came back to this thread today because I just randomly thought, "I wonder if artemis got her dress in time?!"  :D  So glad you received it, and it looks wonderful on you!  I hope you had a nice time at the wedding!
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