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FTM Check-in • 9/25

1) How far along are you?

2) Any appointment updates?


4) GTKY: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

NTNP since Dec 2012 | TTC since Jan 2016
Dx: Unspecified IF
BFP#1 Nov 2017 • Blighted Ovum + MMC • D&C at nine weeks
BFP#2 Apr 2018 • It's a boy! • Born 13 Dec 2018 :love:

Re: FTM Check-in • 9/25

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  • @echo-charlietango Multi-lane roundabouts - ahhhhhhhhh!! We have two by our house so I literally drive through one everyday. People are sooooooo bad at entering the outside lane, moving into the inside lane, and then moving back out to the outside lane. It drives me absolutely crazy!!!!!!
    Pregnancy TickerMe: 33, DH: 41
    Started IF Feb. 2014
    PCOS & MFI (low sperm count and motility)
    3 Femara cycles w/natural intercourse over summer 2014, BFN
    1 Clomid cycle w/natural intercourse Nov. 2014, BFN
    IUI March 2015, BFN
    IUI June 2015, BFN
    IUI Oct. 2015, BFN
    IVF Oct. 2016, fresh transfer, 2 day-3 embryos, BFN; nothing to freeze
    IVF Nov. 2017, fresh transfer, 2 day-5 blasts, BFP; ectopic; 1 blast frozen
    FET March 2018, 1 day-5 blast, BFP!
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  • @mag1cbeli3ver @morgantu @echo-charlietango thank you!  Very excited here too.  Friday is the day!  And I passed the GD test, so yay!  Lots to celebrate!  I'll be having a small glass of something bubbly and a delicious dessert this weekend :)

    @mag1cbeli3ver being busy makes time fly. I'm kind of looking forward to the holiday season because I know that will make the last tri feel like nothing. But that also scares the crap out of me.  Eeee! Have fun keeping busy, enjoy!  And I 100% agree with your rule. 

    @morgantu boo work.  At least the weekend is almost here!

    @echo-charlietango I don't hate roundabouts, but multi lanes can get confusing and people have no idea how to use them.  Heck,  most people don't know how to use single lane roundabouts. My favorite is when people who have a yield entering the circle don't actually yield!  But if navigated correctly, they can be efficient. Maybe an UO?  lol

    @hannelorre I'm so with you on being tired.  I only worked 5 hours today (plus kickboxing), buy I've been ready for bed since like 8pm.  My productivity seems to be limited to 3-4 hours per day.  Sorry you aren't sleeping well. I'm in that club too, but not because of cramps. For me it's mostly reflux/indigestion/heartburn and surges of hormones that cause me to be unable to get back to sleep after I wake up to pee  :( Your rule is another I'm 100% on board with.  Yes please. 
  • 1) How far along are you?

    2) Any appointment updates?
    Another growth scan on the 8th and a ist with an obstetrician on the 9th

    3) RRQDD?
    Found out I'm gonna be and Aunty!!!! Older brother rang to tell me his girlfriend is pregnant super thrilled for him despite us all feeling like he did this because I was (long story short he threw a massive fit after I announced I was pregnant as it should have been him first etc ugh) I don't wanna be bitter I wanna be supportive and love my future niece/nephew 

    4) GTKY: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

    Just be kind to others not a hard thing imo
  • @scaredunprepared good luck on your GD test! 

    @echo-charlietango Im with you on living in a small space and having a hard time keeping things organized. I hate having no room for everything, which always makes my cabinets and drawers feel cluttered. 

    @hannelorre sorry about the more frequent cramps. I know it's just part of the joys as the baby continues to grow. Hope you get some relief though so you can sleep throughout the night

    @kadeephd finding motivation to do school work is tough. It was really bad for me my last semester of college. The only way I think I got through it was making a task list and doing things little at a time. 

    @donnawicks congratulations on finding out your going to be an aunt!! Dealing with jealous relatives is never any fun though..

    1) How far along are you?

    2) Any appointment updates?
    Not really. Everything seemed good last appointment, next one is Friday

    3) RRQDD?
    Just can't believe it's already pretty much October. My husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in a couple weeks, which we decided to drive somewhere that's 13 hours away (part of me thinks it's a crazy idea since I will be 32 weeks pregnant), but it will be a nice little get away. :) Now I just need to decide on an gift for my husband.  

    4) GTKY: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?
    To be considerate toward everyone
  • edited September 2018
    1. 31 weeks
    2. My doctor says my fundal height is measuring at 33cm so baby is looking to be big. 😅 But otherwise no issues.
    3. I don't know what RRQDD stands for ... 😌
    4. Hmm one rule. I guess it would be mean what you say and say what you mean. Lol.
  • @whitneyb89 no deff not hoping this will make him grow up abit haha but so happy for him i love babies and am so excited that my LO will have a little cousin
  • @whitneyb89 I passed, thanks!  Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, have a great time!
  • @scaredunprepared Yay! I'm glad to hear you passed! Thank you though! Hopefully the trip will go by without any issues. 

    @donnawicks yeah, it will be nice having cousins so close in age. :)
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