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  • @bug_hunter I feel your pain girl! I hate being the center of attention as well. One of the girls in my small group is already wanting to plan my baby shower. The thought gives me anxiety...I've already told her to calm down, we have a lot of time! Just wish there was a sedative I could take lol I'm already in my own head about how we are even going to announce it.  :D

    On the baby moves...I hope I'm as lucky as some of you to feel it early! These days I swear this little girl is dancing on my bladder. I've never peed so much in my life lol
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    ERA Cycle May / June 2018
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    EDD March 28, 2019
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  • @bug_hunter @kristimh80 I'm with you both on the center of attention thing too. I ended up with THREE bridal showers because my husband's parents are divorced and remarried and each wanted to give me a bridal shower, which is nice and all but it was exhausting for me. I let them do it mostly so it would distract them from doing anything else. My third bridal shower was planned by my MOH and it was a brunch for about 15 of my closest friends and family and I loved that one so much! I'm sure I will end up with multiple showers again and just as last time, I will drag my husband to all of them so he can share at least some of the spotlight.
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  • @HoneyBear40 In regards to cosleeping, there are other places in the house besides the bed ;)

    I guess my FFFC should have been that we are still (mostly) co sleeping with our almost two year old and I don’t regret it at all! I didn’t plan on it, but it was the best way to meet all of the needs of everybody in the family. We tried the cry it out thing and the interval thing (Where are you progressively leave the baby for longer and longer  intervals)  and it just didn’t work for our DD. 
  • @honeybear40, I know people who say they've had sex with the baby in the bed! And I may or may not know that's true from personal experience as well.  :# They're small, they won't remember, just like they won't remember sucking on your boob (if you breastfeed) or coming out your vagina (if you don't have a c section). 

    I don't like cosleeping because it's so hard to move or get in and out without disturbing the baby, but we have and do do it if necessary. 
  • @kristimh80 Last night I was daydreaming about potential sedatives I could take to get me through the party and came to the conclusion that I need to suck it up and be sober! I guess I'll play around with "mocktail" recipes so I can pretend I'm getting drunk... 

    @mayoduck Ugh! Having three separate parties would be hell for me. I'm glad one of them was enjoyable though! In some ways I'm lucking out by getting hitched while pregnant. It's last minute so some people who I don't really care about anyways might not be able to show up, I get to have a wedding and shower at the same event, and nobody wants to stress me out too much so I think it gets to be more laid back then my mother might like. Bad thing is I'm probably going to feel like crap due to the whole "being pregnant" thing and it's a total pain in the ass trying to organize an event so quickly... 
  • We're still cosleeping at 2.5 years. Honestly might do the family bed if DS still wants to be in our bed. I guess my FFFC is the opposite-- I'm a teensy bit judgy about CIO. It's not for me. DS naps in his own bed and has the option to sleep in his room but I'm not going to make him-- he's still so little to me. &&With nursing cosleeping is totally the easier option. We don't DTD with him in the bed though-- we find the time.

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