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UO Thursday 9/20

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  • @Jens_Hoes oh no no i dont mean that, kids will inevitably get messy. I mean when parents let them get messy on purpose, like a smash cake on their first birthday, or taking pictures with them smeared in nutella. Thats gross to me.
  • hkomhkom member
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    @PensiveCrayon you can send me all of your baklava that you don't want   ;) 

    And yeah, most sushi is just blah. 

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  • Re: Sushi I also think it’s okay, but if I never ate it again, I wouldn’t miss it.
    @lavenderlisa  I was going to say exactly what @Jens_Hoes  said. We clean DS ip when he gets messy, but he is 2, so it happens. I love first birthday smash cakes, though.
    @llynde5 That is great that you are willing to be objective enough to admit that and not turn it into a competition.
    @rosebud332 People let their older child name their sibling. That is crazy! You are the parent.
    @ebk20, @jens_hoes, @morgantu I couldn’t agree more! I am very type A and we have been team green with both pregnancies. I have had no problem planning either time. We did a gender neutral nursery last time with the intention of reusing it for our other children. I do not understand people needing to buy gender specific gear if the plan on having multiple children. What a waste! I absolutely hate when people tell me they are too much of a planner to be team green. It annoys me so much!

  • @scaredunprepared That's totally my son. He's 2 and hates getting dirty and messy foods. It makes me crazy because he will not eat anything :( I wish he would explore foods, tastes and textures more. 
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  • @westcoastfoodie I'm sorry that your son is a difficult eater.  Wishing it was easier for you!  Know you're not alone, though. 
  • @lavenderlisa totally agree. Making a mess at the table is a normal thing small kids do that you’re meant to gently teach them not to do. There is a weird trend right now of celebrating messy eating that I find so odd. Who wants all that clean up? :-)
  •  No offense taken from anyone, please dont think that.  I understand everyones circumstances are different and we all do the best we can. Also no judgement on other moms. I do whats best for me and ds. As long as your babies are happy and healthy thats all that matters. I just wanted to explain myself, and i certainly didnt want anyone to think i scold ds for being dirty.
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    @hkom I was definitely the same with noses. I would look at a kid with a runny nose and just cringe. I will say it does it better (?) And it's not SOO gross now. But yes I would take pee or poop all day over a runny nose. 
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