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What to do for pain when nothing helps?

I have been having really bad back pain as well as pain in my abdomen for close to a week now and have tried everything they say to do for pain. Whenever I talked to my ob about being in pain they said there was nothing they could do they checked everything and it looked fine. Do anyone have any suggestions for some way to get some relief from the pain? I have tried Tylenol, heat, ice, my SO has been giving me back rubs every night but nothing really helps. I'm starting to loose sleep at night from it. Thank you for your time 

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Re: What to do for pain when nothing helps?

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  • You could check out a chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique. Mine helped my hip pain a lot this pregnancy.
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  • I have a support belt but it didn't do much. I have a referral for a chiropractor now. Hopefully it will help thank you guys for the advice
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