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Week 1 Check-in (9/10-9/16)


Re: Week 1 Check-in (9/10-9/16)

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  • Due date: March 3 (after my 12w US my DD has been bumped up from the 7th)

    Any appointments? Questions?: I had a prenatal appointment last week and got to hear the heartbeat, though I forgot to ask what it was. Whoops! I'm curious whether it was on the high end or low end so I could guess girl vs boy ;)

    Rants/Raves?: Six more weeks until I can find out the sex. Ugh. I can't wait! Also my dr failed to mention to me the option of the first trimester maternal scan ending (blood work to check for trisomy risk) until the day after I left my first tri, so it was too late to get it done. Annoying. 

    How are you feeling?: Fine! I can't complain. Nausea is gone. Now I just have sacroiliac joint pain to deal with. 

    GTKY: Name one holiday tradition your family has.
    Hmm... my mom buys matching Christmas pjs for the whole family (well, the boys match each other and the girls match each other), which we open on Christmas Eve and wear on Christmas morning. 
  • @indigoheightsblog Yay!! That’s fantastic news!

    @laur84ns That’s annoying your doctor told you so belatedly. Do you have the option of doing other bloodwork? I did MaterniT21 and if I recall correctly, I was told I could do the screening any time after 10weeks up til birth.
  • @navete I did ask if I could do any other screening but the basic 2nd tri one is all he offered. Thankfully he has agreed to refer me to an obgyn "early" (18 weeks instead of the normal 30 weeks here) due to my previous loss. Hopefully I'll be in better hands with an ob. I'm trying not to worry about it since with my pg with my daughter my results came back very low risk but this is a different pregnancy, and I'm 3 years older!
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