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    @kindbytealikat we got dd excited about it. She got a new book bag, got to pick out her pillow and blanket for nap time. We took a tour when we signed up, so she got to meet her teacher and see what the other kids were doing.
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    I'm finally able to sit down and my home computer to post!  I hate only mobile bumping during the week.  It makes replies darn-near impossible.

    @kvh22 I totally creeped your chart again from your link.... it looks good!

    What number are you trying for?  2

    Month/Cycle?  meh

    WTO/TWW?  Waiting For Anything

    Ages of other child(ren)?  1

    Any thoughts about this cycle?  annoyance.  per usual for me with TTC

    Any questions?  Why must fertility be so annoying at times?

    Rant/Rave/Brag:  We signed the documents this week to sell our house!  The appraisal is this week and then DD and I fly out the following week!  I found an OB in our new location and made an appointment for the first Monday that I'm in the area.  I purposely chose a doctor that is a part of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in hopes that she'll be a bit more proactive for me while TTC.  I would accept something as simple as a prescription of Provera right now :) 

    GTKY: If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?  Dishes!  This was the worst part about having our house on the market.  I couldn't just leave them in the sink occasionally.  I honestly hid dirty dishes in the garage during one showing.
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    @lillywonderland  my DD cried every morning for a week straight when transitioning classes.  I think it also has to do with their ago though.  Since they’re at the age where they actually realized we’re leaving. FX that it’s a short-term thing!


    @marebear15 as everyone else has said, you have done AMAZING breastfeeding for this long!  I froze a bunch of milk during my nursing time so that I would feel comfortable stopping a little before a year.  I ended up stopping nursing for around 9 months because DD didn’t have much of an interest anymore and stopped pumping btwn 10-11 months.


    @ruby696 hopefully your DS adjusted over the last week and enjoying his new classroom!


    @jhems776 hopefully that spotting and longer LP is your body still adjusting and this next cycle will be better!  I had the tricks that our bodies play


    lcking82 good luck with temping!  Sounds like it will be an adventure for you to figure out how to make it work if you can

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    TB ate half my first post....

    @mamanbebe UTI’s are the worst!  Good luck flushing it out!


    @asupernovablizzardstorm putting up the swing set will be fun (hopefully) and I’m sure your DD will love it!


    @mrsjqg1024 sorry about CD1 this week!  I am also hoping to only wait a few months before going to a specialist this time.  It took almost 18 months and treatment last time and I don’t want to wait that long for #2!


    @wishiwaspreggo yay for stimming for IVF!  Hopefully they get the right balance of meds for a fresh transfer!  Also, I’m glad that your DS is doing much better.  Things like that are so scary but I’m glad that your parents helped calm you and your wife!


    @g8rmama_16 are you nursing still that it took 21 months??  I stopped nursing/pumping at 11 months and I’m still waiting for anything to happen (it’s only been 2 months of waiting but feels longer haha)

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    Just re-read many of these posts and have learned that dishes really are the worst chore. I have to agree!!! I served breakfast to 10 people this morning (myself and DH included) and wow was there alot of dishes! Used paper plates, but used many pots and pans for what I made. Will plan differently for next time. Fun though. Point of my rant is that all in all it was fun, but I would take dishes out of my daily routine
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    @mokay19 I love that you've already got an OB post-move and are taking charge! And thanks for the stalk. I'm hoping my temp drop today is the "implantation dip" that I know doesn't actually mean implantation, but I got worried I had a short LP which is common while BFing. We'll see tomorrow. Keep us updated on your plan going forward once you see your OB. Remind me (if it's not too personal) what treatment you ended up having to conceive DD.

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    @kvh22 I had to do letrozole (2 doses because the lower one didn’t work), the trigger shot, and progesterone suppositories through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Nothing super crazy so that’s why I want a proactive OB so she can either refer me right away or get things going (with proper monitoring of course)
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