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Pain after a D&C--normal?

I had a D&C almost five days ago and had no pain since the procedure. Now I woke up at 4AM in the morning with a lot of pain. Is this normal or a sign of infection, problems?

Re: Pain after a D&C--normal?

  • Hmm. I think it could be a sign of an infection or something. Most people don’t have a lot of pain days after the d&c. If it’s till continuing, I’d make an appt with the obgyn just to be on the safe side! Good luck 
  • baila1 I did not have pain after my D&C or even spotting like they said for several days. I was feeling great like 5 days later and thought I'd dig up my sweet potato plants (BAD idea) and had severe pain and cramps the next several days. So, it could just be delayed pain... especially think back on if/what you may have done the past few days. If you were feeling 'better' did you do anything that may have trigger pain?

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  • After my first d&c, I had no pain and some cramps.  
    With my second one, I felt fine for the first few days, but ended up getting severe cramps (and then a few days later, severe bleeding.)  While my issue ended up being a molar pregnancy, which is rare, so unlikely, I ended up having an internal exam and ultrasound to check for retained tissue. 
  • I would advise you to call your doctor just in case. I had extreme pain until my d&c and then no pain at all after. 
  • I would certainly talk to a doctor or nurse, especially if you're running a fever also.

    I don't remember any significant pain after my D&C, just productive cramping the next day (passing tissue), and that was it. I was also instructed to take it easy for a week, so that week DH did most of the housework and I just healed.
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  • I know this is a late post, but I wanted to share. 
    I felt fine 2 days after my d&c. No pain. Very light spotting. Then day 3 - 11 happened. Worst week of my life. Very heavy bleeding. Huge clots. Horrible contraction like pain that would last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, resulting in passing clots. The biggest was the size of my hand. 
    I panicked. Called the doctor 3 times that week only to be told it was normal. 
    Nobody prepared me for that.  Not even close.
    I was told "cramping" , "light bleeding,  possibly heavy at times", And that I could pass some "tissue".
    Like I said , I was NOT prepared. Yet, it was normal???
    Hopefully if someone else goes through this they will have some additional info to go on. 
    On the same note, always call your doctor if you feel something is wrong. Just because it was deemed normal for me does not mean it would be normal for everyone. 
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