1st Trimester

12w & weird feeling middle of the night

Hey there,

I'm 12w pregnant today and lately I have been having weird sleeps. Aside from the crazy dreams, sometimes when I wake up to use the washroom, I have a very hard time falling asleep due to this weird feeling. Its like a mix of nausea, hunger, and hiccups. Not constant hiccups but almost like I have gas and do a random hiccup or gasp.
I've wondered if maybe it is just hunger, but I have never been hungry in the middle of the night before and would feel so weird eating at 3am.

Just curious if anyone has felt something similiar? It normally keeps me up for close to an hour and then goes away and I am able to fall asleep quickly. Its just been messing with my sleeps so I am way more tired in the morning and need to sleep in to make up for it or have a nap later.


Re: 12w & weird feeling middle of the night

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