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Randoms 8/6-8/12

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Tell me your incoherent, pregnancy insomnia thoughts...
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Re: Randoms 8/6-8/12

  • Five days left until vacation. I can’t wait. However it’s also causing me massive anxiety thinking of everything there is to do and pack before Friday night. 
  • Work on a Monday shouldn’t exsist. The peeing at 1 am has started. I even made sure I peed before bed and cut myself off from liquids. I feel like a toddler on liquid restriction at night. I also may need to break out the prego pillow to see if it will help my tossing and turning.

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
    Jack gained his wings on 09/02/2016. 
    Kali gained her wings on 07/28/2015.
    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • @bdesterhouse I already have a pillow beside me for extra comfort so you wouldn’t be alone! i also woke up this weekend having to pee at night! 

    Here’s my “random” I have been essentially useless for the last 2 weeks .... the exhaustion and nausea have been on overdrive. However I only have today and tomorrow left to enjoy this wonderful lazy lifestyle. I’m beginning to wonder if I should have done more to actually take advantage of my time! Ugh! 
  • I am already sleeping like shit. I have a dating ultrasound today so I’m extra nervous which is why I couldn’t sleep at all!!! Work today will be rough to get through!
  • Also I was drenched in sweat all night. Night sweats are awful!
  • Night sweats are the worse, they make me cranky lol. 

    I also slept all afternoon on Saturday and didn't get anything on my list accomplished. 

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
    Jack gained his wings on 09/02/2016. 
    Kali gained her wings on 07/28/2015.
    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • My first US and appointment is this afternoon! 

    Add me to the sleeping like shit crew. I woke myself up by the sound of my feet running against the sheets last night. 
  • Sleeping badly over here too. My bladder seems to have calmed down (used to be that no matter how soon I stopped having water before bed and after using the bathroom right before bed, I still had to get up 2-3 times in the middle of the night) but I still wake up either from nightmares or overheating or just feeling uncomfortable.

    My random.. does anyone else use the Bump mobile app and find the text you're typing randomly changes especially if you make edits before posting? Super annoying.
  • @mayoduck yes, I’ve been having issues with the bump on my home WiFi. Idk if it’s all WiFi or just mine. Find the bump customer service email and submit a complaint. It’s been going on for me for months. Maybe if they get enough people with the issue they’ll actually try to fix it.
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  • The peeing in the middle of the night sucks but I’m also sick of these crazy vivid dreams I’m having!!
  • @catlady2015 that’s hysterical and sounds way better then my crazy one last night! I had some guy chasing me but we were under water and there were sharks involved... it made no sense 
  • My cube-mate (who is brand new) has chick-fil-a for lunch & im ready to stab him for a fry - they smell SO good!  ;)
  • LElkCot said:
    My cube-mate (who is brand new) has chick-fil-a for lunch & im ready to stab him for a fry - they smell SO good!  ;)
    I wanted to steal my bosses chicken nuggets. 

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
    Jack gained his wings on 09/02/2016. 
    Kali gained her wings on 07/28/2015.
    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • Bachelorette, anyone? Or am I the only one who watches this trash?  :D
  • @lindseyb918 i'm watching!!! i love trash! LOL. who's your pick? 
  • @indigoheightsblog I read the spoilers and ruin it for myself every season. HBU?
  • @lindseyb918 @indigoheightsblog me too! I was pulling for Blake but to honest I’m not a huge Becca fan. So I’m ok with Blake finding someone else.
  • I was all for Garrett for a while but then he started seeming kinda desperate.... I guess she’s into that!!! 
  • My random.... My so grateful for my best friend!!! She is being so helpful and supportive through this. This is my first pregnancy and I don't know anything! I have had sore breasts constantly for weeks and I woke up this morning and it's just gone. I haven't been able to sleep well for weeks but last night I actually slept pretty decent. So I know I sounded a little crazy when I texted her this morning telling her I didn't "feel pregnant" anymore! Haha!!! She just very calmly told me that it's normal and to enjoy it while it lasts. I would lose my mind if it wasn't for her! 
  • They closed the Worm thread on Feb19 and I think they deleted my QFP! I swear I had posted one since none of the other posters had quoted it, but now it's gone and it looks like just a random bunch of worm gifs...
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  • @meggyme Sad face! Although, I can’t believe it took them this long to close it. 
  • My OB's office setup a patient portal to confirm my appointment and have me review my medical records, so I asked if they would do an ultrasound or check for baby's heartbeat at the appointment next week and now I'm obsessively checking my email for her reply.

    TW: Miscarriage
    My friend just told me about her 4th consecutive loss at 9 weeks, so now I'm super paranoid. It kept me up last night thinking about it. I just want confirmation that LO is okay!
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @meggyme i'm really wondering the same for my 8/13 appointment... i'm at the point where i NEED to confirm heartbeat again before my next u/s.... it's a really long wait (or so it feels). i'm sorry for your friend :( that is really upsetting. makes me super nervous. i keep feeling like i MUST be in the clear by now... and then i hear stories like this and i'm like "nope. you're never in the clear." (sorry to be a downer). this is the longest 12 weeks of my life! 
  • @meggyme I hope you got a response! 
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    Yes, I watch all the Bachelor shows! A week late because I don't have tv, and ABC doesn't put them online until a week after. So I have to wait until next Tuesday to see the finale. :rage: (Just a few years ago, they put them up the next day.) I try to avoid spoilers, but I never can for more than a couple days. I was already spoiled this morning because a news site posted a photo of the two of them. Usually they wait at least a few days after to post stuff like that!

    Honestly, I know I really disliked one of the two, but I can't remember which. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They just run together in my mind, and I don't really care for either. I wanted her to pick Colton, and then when he was eliminated, I was pulling for Jason. I hope one of those two is the next bachelor. 

    Can't wait for Bachelor in Paradise! I love how the show makes fun of itself on that spin-off.

    ETA: I saw they closed it. RIP worm thread.  
  • I’ve started craving soup. It’s 95 degrees and I live in a very humid state. I’m not even cold and trying to warm up. I had tomato for lunch and butternut squash for dinner. 
  • @coffeeandcupcakes i've had chicken soup for lunch every day for a week!!! 
  • @lovesclimbing yessss for Colton he’s my favorite too! I also started pulling for Jason after he left. I have never watched bachelor in paradise but I started it tonight. I may watch it this season or not. But my sister in law is all invested lol she’s so funny to talk to about it! 
  • I have my first appointment tomorrow and I am so nervous.  I dont remember being nervous with DD.  I think it's my age that is freaking me out.  
  • @swanbrooner Nope, not today. It seemed like she sent out her appt confirmations around lunch time, so maybe that’s when she checks her email. Hopefully I’ll find out soon and it’ll be a go for an ultrasound.
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  • Random excited thoughts I got to schedule my high-risk ultrasound and they told me I could schedule it between July 24th and July 30th so of course I scheduled it on July 24th and if we get a two happy healthy baby report we get the whole weekend to tell everyone and I can't wait to start celebrating these two
  • We just scheduled our final camping trips for the summer - every other weekend in September - I'm exhausted already just thinking about it but so excited to finish out the summer. Crazy to think next year there will be 2 kiddos at our camp :)
  • I have a dental cleaning scheduled in 45 minutes and I'm just hoping that I don't wind up puking on the hygienist. :( I don't think this is going to end well. 
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  • @catlady2015 I had one last week and was worried about that too! Just warned my hygienist and she was awesome, didn’t lay the chair all the way back, was quick and very conscientious.
  • At my first appointment last week my midwife ordered a dating ultrasound for tomorrow. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting to have one until the 12 week NT scan. But now I am a nervous wreck and I don’t know how I can possibly sleep tonight knowing this is happening tomorrow. Ah, my good friend pregnancy anxiety, we meet again.  :/
  • @maggiemadeit Sending positive vibes your way.
  • @maggiemadeit Good luck tomorrow! 
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