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Being Induced give me yalls experience

I’m being induced Wednesday, and I’m super nervous. Can y’all tell me some of y’all experience please! Good or bad I’d like to know. 

Re: Being Induced give me yalls experience

  • Don't take the epidural immediately! Get contractions established and be sure you are progressing, then if you feel you want/need the epidural then get it.
  • I would actually say the opposite. My induction from start to finish was 9 hours and once I started progressing past a 4 it was super quick ( 30 min). The contractions were awful. I had pitocin for both my labors but my 1st was due to my water breaking and the dose was lower, and contractions were more bearable.  
  • I got induced with a Foley bulb at 41 weeks and it started labor really quickly. I was able to labor without an IV, pitocin, or pain meds for about 24 hours and got to 8cm. 

    My labor didn’t progress for reasons unrelated to induction, but the induction itself was easy and definitely got the ball rolling quickly. 

    Good luck! 
  • Laboring with Pitocin and no epidural = hell. I had my epidural in place before they started my Pitocin and I was at a relatively low dose because I was laboring naturally before. The thing about natural labor is the contractions come and go so you can catch your breath, and they come in waves so you can brace yourself. With Pitocin, the contractions go from 0 to 100 without warning and the 100 grips you like a vice for 90 seconds or so. Then before you can even breathe again it starts over. I was on the low dose for about 15 minutes and I was arching my back and crying out. When the anesthesiologist came in to the room it was like an angel descended to release me from Satan himself. Not being dramatic. I take pain like a champ and nothing prepares you for that.

    Afterwards I was very comfortable and enjoyed watching the contractions monitor spike without feeling anything below my belly button. 10/10 recommend pain relief.

    Last note: I'm obviously late to the party! OP, I hope you did okay and had a lovely delivery :) future readers: I hope my experience will help inform your decisions.
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  • You are hilarious! So very true I felt the exact same way when my anesthesiologist came to the rescue.. the only thing is this last delivery I got restless leg syndrome during the numbing of my lower body. It was the craziest and most uncomfortable feeling of not being able to move my legs and feeling all this anxiety. I hope it's not a repeat this time around ...wish me luck!
  • Depends on how far along you are. 37 weeks vs. 41 weeks induction can be vastly different! I was only 37 weeks and took it easy on the pit because I wanted a natural drug free birth. I didn’t progress and tried for three days. 
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