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First trimester travel-please help

Hi ladies,

this is my first pregnancy (unplanned but blessed) and I will be traveling to Greece at my 6th week and return at my 8th. This trip was booked so long ago and I haven't had the heart to cancel it. I am not sure what to expect or if it is safe to go. Can Anyone please help or give some advice? I so greatly appreciate it

Re: First trimester travel-please help

  • I would just call your doctor and ask. They will be able to give you the best advice.
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  • Traveling 1st trimester is fine - granted no known issues, it's when you hit 3rd (especially late) that there are concerns.  Enjoy the trip. Be sure you have travelers insurance, as you always should traveling overseas. 
    If you still feel uneasy, call your doctor office and inquire.
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  • Definitely call your doctor to make sure you don’t need to get any additional vaccines, but otherwise please go. You will not be able to travel so easily when your baby arrives. Dress in layers, bring some mints or ginger candies. If you are miserable, you’ll be miserable everywhere, so you might as well be in Greece enjoying the sun.
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  • Shouldn't be a problem but run it by your doctor.  I don't think Greece has a Zika issue so there is no reason you can't travel there early on.  Be sure to get up and walk around on the flight every so often, but otherwise nothing should be different than normal.  I was on a plane at 34w with my first pregnancy (domestic but still) and it was completely fine, though pretty uncomfortable!
  • Always confirm with your doctor that they don't see any issue with it, but as long as they don't have any concerns and you're feeling up for it, definitely go!

    +1 to getting up every so often and walking around while in the air.

    I traveled at 8 weeks (not international) with my first and while the body scanners are supposedly safe I opted for a pat down instead (PGAL brain - it just make me feel better to skip the scanner).
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  • As long as you are low risk, there shouldn't be any issues. But confirm with your doctor. I traveled to Perú when I was 12 weeks. It was an unplanned pregnancy. I went fine, my baby now is two years old. It was a miserable trip though, I was so nauseous and vomiting with him and couldn't eat much but I have some good memories too. 
  • I traveled internationally at 10 weeks this pregnancy. I did advise my doctor and I did get a prescription for anti-nausea meds prior to going in case I was extremely sick there as I still wanted to be able to enjoy my vacation.
    Go and enjoy it! 
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