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Registry Ettiquette: What's Really Appropriate to Add?

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We're still TTC, but my MIL is already planning baby shower themes and making guest lists. She is incredibly nice and very excited, and we're so appreciative of her support, but she's already asking us about registries. The other day she emailed me a list of all of the "must-haves" for a FTM and it was about 100 items!

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed and don't realize how much stuff a kid would actually need, but that number just seemed a tad bit outrageous, so I'm curious to hear what some actual moms think! Does 100 items on a registry come across as needy/rude to ask of loved ones who might choose to give a gift, or is that a normal registry count? 

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Re: Registry Ettiquette: What's Really Appropriate to Add?

  • That seems way over the top to me. Personally, I'd really think about what you actually need, maybe ask a couple friends, compare some lists online, and then decide. I'd try to keep it somewhat small (which will vary based on number of shower attendees and the type of family and friends circle you have - enough so people have a bit of a choice and enough items to go around) and only things you'll actually use. Keep in mind if you add all this fluff just because it seems cool and it might come in handy or it was on some random list of things you "have to have," you risk getting that stuff and not the stuff you actually really need. 
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  • His seems a bit premature to be thinking about, not to sound terrible, but MIL doing this already is a bit much.  I hope that TTC works out for you guys, as it can be a huge struggle for a lot of couples and this added MIL planning a shower already seems over the top, added pressure for something that may not happen right away........ Then again, I'm a person that doesn't put the buggy before the horse. Wishing you the best.

    I've seen that list of 100 things and honestly half of them are completely unnecessary, I barely used any of that stuff.

    When it comes time for a shower, I would think about basic needs as these I feel were most importantafter having my DD: car seats, diapers if different brands/sizes (cloth or dispisable), bouncing chair, crib sheets, burp towels, Baby swing, stroller, feeding (bottles, pumping, things for when older forks spoons, sippy cups), pacifiers, skin care, bath care,baby gate, pack and play.  

    Good luck with everything!
  • Planning a registry and baby shower before you are even pregnant seems to be a bit much. Hopefully you guys do not have any problems, but if you are not as fortunate, this may add a ton of stress...

    not to mention that baby products are constantly changing. I personally wouldn't do a registry until 2 months away from the shower date so you don't have a lot of out of stockbor discontinued items listed.
  • This seems pretty premature...but when I made my registry with #1 I used  I felt that they did a great job of laying out what you actually NEEDED and why without adding in a lot of useless stuff.  I also went through the site when I had subsequent kids to see what kind of things I should replace that I might be forgetting about.

    Also things do go out of stock or get discontinued so it doesn't make much sense to start a registry more than a few months before your shower really.
  • I agree with Lucieslist. It was super easy to see what most moms add to their registry, and what options there are in terms of brands. I also really liked this list, it's even more pared down, so for anyone who is overwhelmed by what to add to a registry, I recommend checking the list out! 
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