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Nausea Subsiding Already- Should I be concerned?

I’m just at 7 weeks today... Found out I was pregnant super early at 4 weeks bc I was feeling *miserable and decided to take a test... have been extremely nauseous/had crazy food aversions and trouble eating the past three weeks, but have considered that a “good sign”... as of the last three days I actually feel hungry and am hardly experiencing any nausea at all. Am I crazy for feeling nervous that means something is wrong? I’m scheduled to go in for my initial visit next week, and feel silly calling in for that. But I have lost one baby and maybe i’m Just a little paranoid.

Re: Nausea Subsiding Already- Should I be concerned?

  • Hi there, please introduce yourself on our intros thread and change your username so that we can more easily get to know you.

    Also please read the board guidelines. If you check out the symptoms thread, you’ll find that there are many ladies experiencing this and that a whole variety of symptoms come and go all the time.
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  • What she said. Also, there are hundreds of results on Google if you search this that will give you answers faster than posting here will. 
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  • I have had the same fears myself. My symtoms seemed to go away for two days... but then they came roaring back.

    supposedly is you suddenly feel really good it is a possible sign of a miscarriage, but you should always try not to get yourself too worked up or upset over these things as it could just as easily be nothing. It’s always a hard waiting game with pregnancy...

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