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Greyson for baby boy?

I know some people don't like it because it's too trendy, but where I live I've never even met a Greyson.

Greyson for baby boy? 55 votes

27% 15 votes
72% 40 votes

Re: Greyson for baby boy?

  • I love the name Greyson it is just CRAZY popular where I live! We honestly know like 10 from babies to Teenagers. 
  • I like it more on a boy than a girl, but I'm really bored of the name tbh. Plus there are now like 15 trendy spellings of the name so your kid will have to spell it out every time.
  • I love the name and don't think it's overused. I think I've only seen it spelled Grayson, but I'm sure either way is acceptable. 
  • I don’t necessarily hate Greyson it’s the fact it is so popular and also runs into the girl trend of Gracin/Graceon Gracelynn etc. 

  • I voted no because it's too trendy and very popular. I suggest going with a name that doesn't have a trendy vibe, something more classic. 
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  • I’m honestly tired of Greyson 

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