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  • @SawyerRichardson that's super close to a few of us! One time we will have to plan a play date for those of us in Metro-Detroit when you're visiting.
  • @krzyriver No way! My mom grew up there and my great grandparents owned the Hillside Inn! (now the Courthouse Grille) Most of my mom’s side is still there so that’s why we are coming up to visit! Small world!
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    @SawyerRichardson what part of GA? I’m originally from central Mi (CMU is a good marker lol). We are actually traveling to MI in a week to see family. 
  • Oh my god to the bath tub birth rereenactment! How exactly does one develop such a fetish? Has he actually seen a woman give birth? Usually it makes people afraid of sex!

    Wtf car. Your air conditioner broke during a heat wave and I paid 1200 bucks to fix it! And this was just weeks after paying 700 in other repairs. And wtf to the dmv for failing to send my letter of registration renewal. I only realised I was expired by a month when I my friend pointed it out and the stupid DMV is charging me a 70$ late fee on top of the 135$ registration fee! Life is expensive! 
  • @jweber4747 they say it comes in 3s so you should be in the clear now!
  • Thank you guys for the encouraging words and positive vibes. I would love all your comments but TB won’t let me. Her blood test came back positive for cancer and she’s getting a scan today to find where it is. I am not sure when we will know the results. 
  • @sammierose464 we paid her this time, but we're def not using her in the future. We already had someone else volunteer if our regular girl can't do it for some reason. So no repeat business from us!
  • jweber4747 I ran into similar. In MI you renew your car registration on your birthday, but they send the info about a month prior. I bought a new car in May, so the paperwork I was sent in June had my old car. I of course didn't notice until I went to pay it, the day before they expired. Since they didn't have my new car listed, I couldn't pay in line. I was able to make an appt for yesterday and get in and out quick. Thankfully the late fee was only $10. Although, I had mini panic attacks I'd get pulled over when I had cops behind me since I was a week past.

  • @sliztee i'm sorry. that sounds terrible. 
  • @ninji15 sending love to surround her, you, and your families.  <3
  • Thanks. It was. I'm still in shock. @norahkate

  • We went to Monglian BBQ  with my team for lunch (make your own stir fry). At the end of the buffet line they have cups of seasonings that you can choose from. I always get seasoning salt, garlic, and ginger. I loaded up on the seasoning salt today. Took a bite of my food and it seemed spicy. TOok a few more bites and my mouth was on fire. I HATE spicy. Turns out, they accidentally filled the seasoning salt with cayenne (they are the same color). Thankfully they let me remake my bowl, but ugh that sucked.
  • Sammirrose464, my fear now is the tickets for having expired tags. If they couldn't manage to send the notice, will I get my sticker in the mail? Our DMV is such a shit show, 2-4 hour wait and an appointment would be weeks away. Ugh! 

    I have felt the same way about staff meetings! Usually it could all be taken care of with a quick email.
  • Not sure where this belongs so I’m letting it out here a day late. WTF to my body and hormones and everything. Idk what’s wrong with me but as much as I love this baby and as thankful as I am for him I’m so over being pregnant right now. My body is just done. I’m so exhausted yet feel guilty doing nothing when DH is working his ass off and there’s a million things I should be doing. I’m sick of feeling like a wimp. I’m supposed to be a bad ass woman. How tf am I going to make it another 13 weeks? Please someone tell me this is normal and will go away. 
  • @jynjer91 totally normal! I mean ftm here but I so feel you on being done. I've seen a lot of other people posting similar things. The 2nd tri energy is leaving, it's hot af outside and that makes you even more miserable. And as the countdown gets closer and closer it feels like it's taking longer and longer to get through a week!!
  • @ninji15 I must have missed your post but you and your sitter will be in my prayers! I cant imagine being diagnosed once let alone three times with cancer. 

    @krzyriver its unbelievable how many men have hit on me at work since I've gotten pregnant. I'm huge and I waddle. I dont get it. Lol 
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