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  • YES @zande2016 I've been snacking like crazy. My first outing without any children with me was to the grocery store last night and there were SO many snacks on sale- BOGO free so I went nuts and basically it was the greatest outing ever

    @lindsayleigh1989 having the two little ones is no joke... my other LO is 19 months and it is just crazy trying to manage the both of them, especially because of nursing. I just try to keep calm and not rush around or feel pressured to meet their needs in one second. I keep trying to think once nursing is less demanding things will be more manageable. 

  • @zombiehoohaa congratulations!!
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  • @zombiehoohaa congratulations! She’s adorable 
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • @zombiehoohaa yay congrats!! 

    Thanks so much everyone for all the kind words. I'm not currently seeing a therapist just because I really don't have time which is such a crap excuse but true still. Most days I am doing okay. 

    So if anyone remembers the saga of my BFF from this past fall. She just found out her now ex husband fathered a child behind her back and he is now living with this chick but wont admit but wont deng it even though this child calls him daddy and looks just like him. Ugh seriously so angry for her but so glad she is finally free of him
  • @lindsayleigh1989 have you looked into online therapy? A few of the moms in my last group use(d) betterhelp.com and they seem to like it! I hope your DH comes around and gives you the support you need.  
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • Had to take LO for a last min pedi appointment. He has a minor infection in his left eye due to a clogged tear duct. Poor baby but at least it took us away from the in laws for a bit. There was a whole lot of drama this morning that I’ll spare you all from. 
  • Here's what has been going on in my life: we are having some AC duct repairs done (because we're breaking records with 108-110 degree temps and have a 1 week old, so why not now?!?!) and it's taking longer than expected. I feel bad for the guys and I'm sure they're doing a great job, but last minute DH told me that the kids and I needed to stay somewhere else last night. We had newborn photos this morning on the northwest side of DFW, so my parents on the east side were out and so were DHs parents on the south. We crashed with some friends who live a couple miles away. It was my first time alone at bedtime with both kids, in a strange house. We all survived but DD had a really hard time with it. Sigh.

    Still here today working. They turned on the downstairs unit for me so it's currently 80 in here (down from 85 when we got here). My biggest concern is that there's dust falling out of the vents that LO is breathing....
  • it would he real nice if this baby could come before my 30th birthday tomorrow :( ill officially be in my 30s if she doesnt. but it is distracting me from the fact im turning 30 hahaha... not so depressed as I am anxious!!!

    and having a drink wouldnt be so bad about now!
  • @babygagnon2018 happy early birthday! I agree baby should not share your day ;-) Don't worry - 30 wasn't as bad as I feared - but yes big ole bottle of champagne def helped ;-)
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  • Hiding in my room with baby as I hear DS whinnying and the 5 yr old destroying our house while H tries to calm DS down. I unfortunately have to go out soon because all the diapers are out there and baby has a poop. I just want to sleep and they need to leave.
  • SmashJamSmashJam member
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    So much to catch up on! @wildtot I am so glad for you that they are leaving. That exchange about the phone and iPad is appalling to me! I can't believe BIL  is ok with that behavior. 

    @babygagnon2018 I agree with @gingerbride26 that 30 wasn't as bad as I thought! 

    AFM, today I worked at the library. It was so busy! Tomorrow is my first day alone, and I'm a little nervous as I dont know how to answer a lot of questions in my own but it's a beautiful Saturday before a lot of rain so maybe not that busy? I tried some goat gelato today at the farmers market by the library and it was so good! Perfect in 90 degree heat.

    @zombiehoohaa and @And846 congrats! ETA and congrats @elizabethrn87!!
  • @babygagnon2018 Happy Birthday, I'm the 21st too! I love having a summer birthday, so I'm happy LO came in July. 
    @wildtot So sorry for your IL drama, I'll be joining you shortly when MIL comes, and she's now bringing SIL with her. She's in a good place with her borderline personality disorder, but of course I'm worried how she'll do on her visit. Definitely restricting it to a 2 night stay and DH will be taking off work while they're here to intervene if needed. Hopefully you hubbie is doing the same for you
  • Congratulations @runsomewhere. I know exactly what you mean about bowling ball butt - I had the exact same feeling!! But my epidural wasn't fully working yet so it was painful at each contraction!
  • Anyone’s older kids going through a sleep regression since new baby came? My 22 month old whose been sleeping through the night since he was an infant has started waking inconsolable the past few nights. Tonight my H went in to rock him and he was screaming and crying still, would not settle til I came in. Now I’m rocking him and he’s clutching me super tight, I know he won’t let me put him down til he’s sound asleep and I’m dreading the baby being up for his feeding by the time I get back.
    so tired. I think the change and transition is causing this. 
  • So many congrats to all the new mamas!!
  • nimmlenimmle member
    Congrats to all the new mamas and their babies! So exciting!!! We’ve had a busy few days!
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  • congrats to the new mamas!!
    @zande2016 DD went through a sleep regression around 22 months  - i swear they were night terrors because there was a definite manic aspect to it and she would only want me and clutch and be completely inconsolable for solid 15+ min and then just go back down.  You're also within the realm of 2 year molars which are a real BITCH - DD's haven't broken through yet but she's constantly fingers in mouth complaining.

    AFM not going to lie my biggest thought this morning is "thank god this kid is coming tuesday, mama needs anti-inflamatories" the entire left side of my body is screaming (the side with arthritis from my car accident 6 years ago...  oo DH just walked in with starbucks and dibella's sub....and kid is already trying to steal my sandwich...
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  • Its been 6 years since my postpartum visit with my son so I completely forgot what to expect. Anyone remember if a pelvic exam is part of the visit? Just curious so I can plan child care now for my 6 year old if so lol
  • @kbernal2021 I had a pelvic exam after DS, and I was due for a pap so I got one too. 
  • @kbernal2021 I don't think I got a pelvic/pap until they were ready to check stitches, clear me for sex and hand out the birth control, lol. But I can't remember which appt that was, maybe 6 or 8 weeks out? 
  • @kbernal2021 pretty sure no pelvic exam. I was just checked for the stitches last time. I also had completed a questionnaire thing to assess for ppd, and talk about birth control
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