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July WTO

Happy July, ladies! Here’s hoping for good, discernible O days with great timing for all!
Me: 38 DH: 41
Married: 2016
BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19

Re: July WTO

  • Happy July, @catlady2015 !

    AFM I’m CD11 for my first IUI cycle, so my usual pre-O groove is being messed with for all these ultrasounds :lol: It’s definitely a new experience- it’s weird having all this extra information about follicle development and I’m not sure if it’s making me more or less neurotic. 
  • Currently CD9. my temps are all jacked up this cycle. Temps are really high for CD8-9 and FF won't give me crosshairs if I put in another couple high temps, even. But I've never had temps this high during the follicular phase. :( 

    DH stayed home and didn't leave until Sunday so we could have some time (and I think he was secretly like, well, we'll go ahead and try if I stay a few extra days) but unless O is imminent, our timing won't be good enough to really work anyway. Chart in spoiler. 

    Me: 38 DH: 41
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19
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  • sagems10sagems10 member
    edited July 2018
    Cd15, still waiting for ovulation! My other two cycles on femara I didn't get a positive opk until cd17 or 18, so I probably still have a couple days to go.

    @catlady2015 I hope your timing ends up working out! 

    @lin0442 I'm sure it's nice to have the extra info, but I thinki would obsess about it too lol. It's kindof nice to just be doing opk's, ignorance is bliss for me right now :)
  • I'm gonna come hang here now. Spotting started and I suspect AF will be in full force by bedtime.
  • CD1 almost...should hit full on tonight.  I don't really know where to put myself now since we're into an IVF cycle.  I'll pick up my meds for injections tomorrow and then start in the next couple of days once the clinic figures out their timing and gives me the green light.  I guess I don't need to temp and chart anymore since everything will be controlled from here on out.  So weird....
    @lin0442 Fx for your IUI cycle!  Are you going to keep charting?

    @catlady2015 I have definitely had months where my temps were much higher than normal.  I have no idea why but I hope you figure it out!

    @prpl11butterfly Sorry to see you over here.

    @sagems10 Hopefully you O soon!
  • CD 16 and finally positive OPK plus definite EWCM. BD -2, O and hopefully tomorrow for +1 just in case. Fingers crossed - guess i’ll be moving to TWW finally too. 

    @bakerstreetboys good luck with IVF!!

    @catlady2015 I’ve never temped before just OPK’s so I don’t have any advice but I hope you can sort it out! 

    @lin0442 good luck with IUI!

    @sagems10 hope you O soon too!

    @prpl11butterfly sorry you’re here again but good luck with this cycle! FX it’s the one!
  • @bakerstreetboys Nah no charting, I figured I already had enough alarms set for meds. Honestly, charting always kind of stresses me out, even though I like the info it gives, so I didn’t feel too bad leaving it behind. At some point, you gotta just let the professionals do their thing. 

    @justarius Thanks, and gl to you this cycle!

    Trigger shot tonight, IUI on Saturday. And of course we have guests staying with us this weekend, and will have to abandon them for a couple hours with minimal explanation. Life :lol:
  • @bakerstreetboys good luck with ivf!

    @justarius congrats on the positive opk! Hopefully you have an easy tww. Any fun plans to keep you distracted? 

    @lin0442 good luck with the trigger and iui! I also tried temping and charting once, I couldn't be consistent enough and I thought it was making me way too hyperaware.

    Cd18 for me and still no positive opk. Getting worried that the femara didn't work for me this cycle and that I won't ovulate. And I'm worried that if I have to up the dose or do something else that I will feel even worse than I did on the femara. Anybody have any experience with the femara not working for then after a few cycles? And what was the next step? 
  • @sagems10 I was on femara for 4 cycles one of which I didn’t O. Since they were all failed cycles we added gonal f to the equation.  I did get pregnant once we added the gonal f but I lost the baby at 8wks.  My only side effect was bloating 
  • @Mack2342 That's an injectable, right? If I don't O this cycle, I'm wondering if that's the next step. I'm glad you didn't have many side effects!

    If I don't get a positive tomorrow I'll be calling my doctor to see what's up. This is so frustrating :(
  • @sagems10 yes it’s an injection.   Does your dr monitor while on femara?   I had US anywhere from CD1 to CD3 and then again on CD10.  
  • @sagems10 thanks, I think it will fly by, just working lots and we have out of town family visiting tonight and the week I can start poas so lots of prep to do for that. What dose are you on for femara? I’m just on the starting 2.5mg so my doc said if it didn’t work he’d definitely just increase the dose. Did you have progesterone checks and an u/s to check for follicle maturation with any of your cycles on femara? 
  • @Mack2342 @justarius no, we haven't done any monitoring or ultrasounds. Just did a baseline us when I first saw my dr. in February. We usually check my progesterone 7 days after a positive opk to confirm ovulation, but nothing in between. Idk if they monitor with iui's since we are just doing timed intercourse. I started right off on 5mg of femara, maybe that's why I had so many side effects? 
  • @sagems10 when I first started femara they had my progesterone checked after O to confirm O like you said. But my doc also had me go for an internal u/s on day 14 (because I usually O on day 15 or 16)to confirm follicle maturation. We are also just doing timed intercourse not iui 
    I wonder why they started you on 5mg right away. I do remember my doc saying he can go up to 7.5mg
  • Well, cd19, still no positive opk. Called the clinic today, they basically said that the only thing to do at this point was wait until day 35, take a pregnancy test, and start progesterone to trigger another cycle. So this whole month plus has basically been a waste. I didn't know how devastated I would be. Of course I didn't think to ask any other questions like increasing dose, changing meds, or monitoring. I ended up leaving a message and asking for another callback to talk about the next cycle, but will likely not get one until Monday. 

    @justarius I think my doctor just automatically starts on 5mg? My script was printed so it seemed pretty standard. And I didn't think about monitoring the first few cycles because we were wanting to be as minimal as possible cost wise, but now I'm thinking it's probably not a based idea at this point. 
  • @sagems10 oh right! I always forget about the cost factor seeing as I’m in Canada so everything is covered here except the meds basically. It might be worth at least getting the u/s once just to see if the femara is encouraging a follicle to at least mature
  • @sagems10 I was started on 5mg of femara from beginning.  They never increased my femara just added the injections 
  • @justarius lucky you! America really should get on the ball and start covering fertility treatments.

    @Mack2342 thanks for the input! It's interesting how every doctor has a different protocol. 

    Thank you ladies for all your help. I think this is the most discouraged I've been since the actual mc. It really helps knowing y'all understand. Good news is that I finally got through my husband's optimistic shell and he admitted he was frustrated about this lol so we finally had a good conversation about everything. Anyway, I will be talking to a nurse in Monday about our potential options for next cycle, we will see what we come up with. 
  • I’m here CD1.  
  • @Mack2342 - sorry about cd1. :( 
    Me: 38 DH: 41
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19
  • CD 1. Here we go.
  • CD 8 and flashing smiley.  So early. I hope it’s not another bust of a month.  

    @kath525 looks like it just me and you for now 
  • I'm till floating here... CD 18 or something I think. Started seeing some EWCM yesterday afternoon and gained a few pounds the last few days, so ramping up to O.
  • That’s good @dpjennifer.  I think my body is off. I hope I’m not heading into menopause 
  • Hopefully everyone catches O this month.

    I don't even know where I go anymore, but I guess it's here.  I triggered last night, and retrieval is tomorrow.  I only have three measurable follicles, so I'm not super hopeful. 

  • @bakerstreetboys I hope those three developed beautifully and your retrieval goes well
  • Good luck tomorrow @bakerstreetboys you only need one so hopefully all three are good!
  • Fx for you today @bakerstreetboys!

    Afm...heading over to TWW since I think O was last night at some point.
  • Looks like this will be a bust cycle for me again.  I had 3 days of flashing smiley and then a negative last night.  Flashing in morning yesterday and negative at night.  And no temp rise this morning.  We have been off fertility drugs for 2 months now and both those cycles appear to be anovulatory cycles.  So annoying.  I’m considering calling RE not to start treatments again but to determine if I’m now in premenopause or something.  If this happens again we will just be done.  
  • @Mack2342 I’m so sorry for your annovulatory cycle. Those smiley face ones never worked for me- even the cycle I go KU with DD.

    CD 13 here and I know my body is having s messed up cycle. Of course the month we get off the bench. I’ve had gorgeous EWCM until this month-so far nothing- I can tell my hormones are super imbalanced. my fibromyalgia symptoms are rearing their ugly head and last night I spotted after sex. My 2 MCs were conceived around messed up cycles so I may pack it up for the month and write it off as a loss.

  • @chloe97 with my first two pregnancies I only used OPKs and didn’t track anything else.  I used same OPKs and never had issue with them.  If I wasn’t temping I might say it was test but 2 cycles like this with no temp increases I have to say it’s my body.  Sorry your cycle is wonky.  Sucks when our bodies don’t do what we want them to 
  • @Mack2342 Damn, sorry you seem to be having another anovulatory cycle. Can you RE run some hormone tests again to rule out peri menopause?
  • @Mack2342, I really, really hope it's not menopause! I've been thinking about you. Agree with bakerstreetboys, hope there's a test to determine for sure
  • @Mack2342 annovulatory cycles are so frustrating and can feel defeating. I'm so sorry that's happening. Hope next month is different for you.

    AFM CD 6. I've spent the last week terribly sick (fever got above 106 at one point!). But I'm finally on the mend. I'm glad it happened at the beginning of my cycle but still nervous about it affecting my chances this month. 
    I also had a OBGYN apt this week. My OB agrees it's time to head to the RE. The test needed for insurance purposes are going to take 2 months to complete due to scheduling. So I'll continue on clomid this cycle and next cycle and then see what an RE suggests.
  • @bakerstreetboys and @rowedking6 I will call later today to ask. 
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