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  • Oh @bakerstreetboys I hope I hope I hope this is the real deal for you!!
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    @bakerstreetboys I hope this is it for you! Crossing fingers for everyone.

    Cd32. Took a cheapie and a digital this morning. Cb digi said not pregnant and the cheapie had a slight line. *shrug* no idea what the deal is. I still have a FRER I can take too. So confused.
    Hoping it's not a CP.
  • @bakerstreetboys FIngers crossed for you! I’m really rooting for you :smile:

    @nottodaysatan Which brand of cheapies are you using? Some of my last batch of wondfos had *horrible*, almost colored evap lines that would throw me for a loop pretty consistently. Fx that the frer works out.
  • @bakerstreetboys you are still early so I hope it’s gets darker!  When will RE do blood draw?

    @nottodaysatan I would go with the FRER.  Hopefully dr can do blood draw for you 
  • @bakerstreetboys ahhhh! Yay!! FX for you! Keep us updated!
  • Thanks ladies!  I am equal parts excited and terrified.  TTCAL really screws with your mind.  I will be spending way too much money on tests in the coming days.

    @Mack2342 Blood test isn't until August 6th!
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    @lin0442 they are clinicalguard or whatever. I used them to track down my hcg after my mc. I'm assuming it's just too low at this point for it to show up properly on them since frer is super sensitive. 

    @Mack2342 I wish I could, dont have time with work to go to doctor last minute.
  • @bakerstreetboys crossing all my fingers and toes for you!

    @nottodaysatan in my experience- cheapies ALWAYS worked before the digitals. In fact, I think in my 3/4 pregnancies I got faint lines on WONDFOs 3-4 days before the digital positives and that includes both MCs and LC. FX the line stays there and digitals change for you!

    AFM 7 DPO and my boobs hurt and I have been dragging and sleeping a bit more than usual. And I have crazy fertile looking CM. I almost wonder if I am ovulating super late (I don't temp). Of course I took a test today and it was a BFN. SS is a beast. I'd like to say that I will wait 3 more days, but I know I will be testing everyday from here until Friday.  
  • @bakerstreetboys ugh the 6th!   I’m annoyed for you lol. I’m also excited and hope that this is take home me baby! 
  • I’m 10DPO and for the first time in 2 years don’t have an urge to POAS.  I usually start 9 or 10 DPO.  But no urge maybe because I don’t think it happened.  I’m going to target today not sure if I will by tests or just wait for AF. leaning towards just waiting for AF 
  • @Mack2342 You're getting there!  I hope this is it for you; maybe not having the urge to test is a good thing!  If I bought tests, I'd use them ;)  Hopefully you won't have to wait long and AF won't show up.

    Yeah, they only do the blood test 14 days after transfer, and I'll be out on town on day 14, so need to wait an extra day!  Of course I bought a digital and got a "no" late this morning.  Sigh.
  • @bakerstreetboys *lurking* digital tests always took way longer to turn positive for me, I looked up the difference in HCG levels needed between those and FRER and don’t quote me but it was like 50 to 6 (major difference) anyway keeping everything crossed for you!! 
  • Thanks @char245 I hope everything is going well for you :)
  • @bakerstreetboys I am also doing a happy dance for you. ...everything crossed that this is it! Please Lord let it be so! !!
  • @Mack2342 roll with it, whatever you feel for the day so be it. To pee or not to pee! I hope this peace about it all is because you're actually preggo! C'mon bfp's!
  • @rowedking6 I went to Target yesterday and didn’t buy any tests.  I’m just going to wait it out.  I have zero symptoms not even PMS at 11 DPO but I’m guessing that will change in next day or so. It would be nice if I was just preggo but I highly doubt it 
  • Crossing my fingers for you @Mack2342 when do you think you will test?
  • CD33. Negative cheapie. I felt like crap so I stayed home today from work. No sign of AF. 
  • @bakerstreetboys YES!!! Such amazing news. Fx the days go by quickly for your blood tests. 
    I'm over here now. Have been a bit silent on these boards, just busy summertime stuff.
  • @nottodaysatan be good to yourself and try to stay safe. Fx for positive tests 
  • @kath525 I’m just going to wait for AF.  If it doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to then I will get a test.  I am loving not feeling crazy about testing right now.  Such a break from the last 2 years 

    @nottodaysatan hopefully no AF is a good sign. Have you tested on a FRER.  I can’t remember 
  • @Mack2342 yeah, I had a positive frer on Sunday. I'm considering getting another brand/type just to make sure. I'm starting to think it's a CP 
  • @nottodaysatan I would try another FRER.  Each test has a different threshold so sticking to one brand is a good idea.  Hopefully not a CP. 
  • @Mack2342 well I'm so glad to hear of the peace you have, what a great thing. Just my thoughts but our words can hold more power than we think so stay positive ;)*
  • @bakerstreetboys  ahhhhh!!!!! I have everything crossed this is your take home baby!!

    @nottodaysatan congratulations!!! I hope it’s all delightfully boring for the next 9 months

  • Line isn’t any darker this morning, in fact I think it’s lighter. I’m pretty sure this is a CP. Feeling pretty defeated. 
  • *lurking*
    @nottodaysatan congratulations H&H 9months

    @bakerstreetboys don’t get discouraged already! You’re only what, 13dpo? Anyone would have a faint line still then! And pregnancy tests always say it doesn’t matter how faint/dark the line is, positive is positive! Mind over matter - stay happy and sane, stress is no good for you anyway! FX this is your take home baby! Blood draw in two days from now? Just do something nice for yourself the next two days and try to stay distracted :) 
  • @bakerstreetboys Just remember that HPTs are qualitative and not qualitative- meaning that there are 1000 reasons why the line could be less dark today- including your urine concentration, the test sensitivity, etc etc. Try not to worry right now and just wait for your blood tests. FX this is it for you. Try to stay positive! 

    AFM, not temping blows! I am going to have to start back up. I have had super regular cycles for 6 months and gorgeous EWCM that dried up suddenly, so I was 95% I ovulated at my mormal time making me 10 dpo today. But then I had a ton of EWCM and a positive ovulation test on Monday. I took a wondfo today and I swear that I can see the faintest, faintest hint of a line. Of course, it's probably evaporation line, but now, of course, I am SS. I had just gotten myself okay with not being pregnant and was looking forward to our vacation next month and planning on talking to DH about getting more serious about TTC this month and next. I have a half a mind to buy a FRER at lunch, but in my bathroom drawer at home, I have a bag of 15 FRERs from my CP in April and I look at it all the time and think about the great meal out that DH and I could have had in place of that $75 worth of pregnancy tests. I am POAS addict. I can justify the 25 cent wondfos, so they will just have to do for now.  
  • @chloe97 hoping that faint line gets darker!

    @bakerstreetboys I agree with @justarius those tests are different from one minute to the next.  Hopefully blood draw will give you piece of mind for the time being.  
  • @chloe97 keep us updated, FX for you!
    @bakerstreetboys thinking of you! Hoping for a darker line this morning!
    @Mack2342 hoping AF is staying far far away from you!
  • Thanks ladies, but it isn't looking good.  Today is the equivalent of 14DPO and it's the fourth day in a row of super faint lines.  Blood test isn't supposed to be until Monday, but I called and they'll see me today because I suspect a CP.
  • @bakerstreetboys FX crossed for good news.  Glad they are seeing you early.  
  • @Mack2342 Thanks. I just want to stop the progesterone so AF can come. How are you holding up?
  • @bakerstreetboys I’m doing fine.  I’m traveling this weekend to volunteer at charity event so I might pick up a test so I can be prepared for AF.  I’m really hoping things turn around for you.  Hang in there.  Will you get results of blood draw today? 
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    @Mack2342 Good luck if you decide to test :)  Traveling should help keep your mind off things.  I was expecting them to call today with my results, but the clinic closes in an hour, and nothing so far.  Cramps are really bad though, so I'm not holding out much hope.
    ETA they just called. Hcg is only 5.5 so another CP that they’ll confirm with another test on Monday. :(
  • Finally broke down, bought a FRER and tested at lunch. BFN. 

    *sigh* onward
  • @bakerstreetboys I'm sorry. I really wanted this to be it for you.

    @Mack2342 fx for you. Have a great trip!
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