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  • @offtoneverland wow that would scare the poop out of me - and DD is a climber. Such good advice about anchoring furniture! Not just in the nursery either - in common rooms too. We had our TVs mounted so DD couldn't pull one down just by jostling a dresser/entertainment console.

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  • @blue2mango I’m so sorry for your family’s loss and for all the other things you have to handle instead of just mourning. Prayers for all of you  <3
  • Don't know what to do here. My bf's baby mama. (No relationship there, it was an accident with a drunken one night stand) who tends to be manipulative and vindictive, is at it again. She was telling one of my "friends" all about what a POS my bf is and all this, and he's just a worthless abusive drunk, and it all got regurgitated back to me through my friend. I get it, he's not a saint. Never accused him of being one. But he's been nothing but good to me, and never even threatened to raise a hand to me. She has all of a sudden changed her story from hating my guts to "No hard feelings and just veing concerned for me." Then today the same friend is accusing my.bf of cheating on me when the only evidence is that he still has dating website profiles. So do I! Doesn't mean I get on them! Im just at a loss. The two of them are trying to meddle in our relationship, idk who to believe and it's messing with my head!!!!
  • @lurvleybunchococonuts hearing you went fishing gets me excited for this week! Heading up to my parents after my 20 week apt tomorrow and fishing makes up 75% of my plans  :D
  • @ftm_jen have a wonderful time and don't forget sunblock and bug spray! I kept rubbing my belly and saying "bring me good fishy luck baby" :joy: 

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  • @lurvleybunchococonuts it will be my first trip to the lake where opening a beer won't be my fish call. I'll have to use your line haha!
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