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June 2018 IUI

hi, this is my first post but I’ve been a lurker for a little while. I just had my first IUI and thought i’d post about my experience- please post yours too!

me and hubs: 32 and 35, unexplained for 1 year. I’ve never been pregnant and he’s never gotten anyone pregnant. 
plan: 100mg Clomid for 5 days and ovidrel trigger, then iui 24 hours after trigger
stats for cycle: 3 mature eggs on I think my right ovary and a bunch less than 18 on left. 11mm lining. 105 million post wash from the hubs. 

Trying to stay optimistic.. find ways to get through the wait!

Re: June 2018 IUI

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  • I test tomorrow. Absolutely no symptoms tho so I may end up w a period and more clomid :-/ should also add to my original post that I’ve got mild hypothyroidism (started on levothyroxine this April). 
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  • Hi, I feel like we are very similar: I am 33, started Levo in Jan and it's been a year of trying. I had my second IUI yesterday but I did Letrozole and OPK tests. Hope you get your BFP!
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    @iva_stl thanks- I hope iui works for you too this cycle! now 15 days after iui. Tested 2 days ago and negative, but still no aunt flo. Not looking forward to multiple clomid cycles.. made me a crazy lady last month   :| 
  • Try to stay optimistic, maybe implantation was on the late side. You never know!
  • @iva_stl welp, got my period on Thursday and now onto iui #2. Had low expectations for iui (technically unexplained now w very mild treated hypothyroidism and borderline morphology) but the doc says to give it a couple more months before jumping to ivf.. hope your iui worked! 
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  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to The Bump and needed to seek others experiences and advise. My hubby and I are both 35 and have been trying for numerous years on and off to get pregnant.

     June 10, Started with Clomid 50mg for 5 nights (had 4 follicles the sizes of 20, 18, 18, and 12mm)

    June 18 - Trigger shot (Ovidrel)

    June 19 - IUI

    July 3 - Beta-HCG test  (20mIU/ml)

    July 5- retest Beta-HCG (28mIU/ml) = PREGNANT

    JUly 9- must retest Beta

    * issue is that my levels aren't going up as they claim it should and could possibility of it being a biochemical pregancy.

    Has any one experienced this? Trying to stay positive in hopes I got a slow start and soon boost up. This is my first official pregancy ever in the 11 years hubby and I have been together and basically 10 years of unprotected sex.

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