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My experience with Misoprostol (Cytotec)

I would like to share my experience, as hard as it is for me.. I longed for more stories when I first came home with those dreaded pills. 
It all began when I was 9 weeks 6 days, and started bleeding (bright red) at work (waitress). My mom and boyfriend convinced me to go to the hospital (they were both out of town). I got there and was rushed to ER where they did bloodwork, an internal exam (cervix still closed) and an ultrasound. They said to come back Monday and not to worry. It was Thursday so I had a long weekend ahead of trying not to stress. The bleeding came and went and I didn’t have cramps but I no longer felt pregnant.. my symptoms of very sore breasts and acne were totally gone. I went back monday for another ultrasound and more blood, then saw my family physician Tuesday. He told me I was measuring 6 weeks and my HCG was declining, but maybe I got my dates wrong (I know I didnt, but I put my faith in the pricess and hoped for the best). We followed up the next Monday with another US and on Tuesday he said I was measuring 7w but there was no heartbeat and he had serious concerns of the viability because of that, my dates, my lack of symptoms and declining HCG. He gave me my options, and as much as I desperately want a child, I couldnt handle waiting for my body to “figure it out”, I was devasted and needed it to be over. I took those stupid pills home, called my boyfriend, my therapist and my mom and then started taking them. 
2:30pm I insterted 2 tablets vaginally and laid down for 30 mins. I had a big lunch, prenatals, iron and water. After about 90 mins I felt cramping and the constant need to go to the toilet. Blood and clots started showing but nothing major. 
6:30pm 2 more. This was way more intense, by 7pm I was pacing around the house in so much pain I couldnt sit down.. an ice pack helped. I called my mom and begged her to bring me anything she could for the pain (why didn’t my doctor give me anything?!). By 7:30 she came with some expired pain meds and a heating pad (I couldn’t sit or lie down but at least it was there for later). By 9pm the meds kicked in and I fell asleep for about an hour on the couch and when I woke up my boyfriend was finally home from his work trip. 
10:30pm 2 more. I snuggled him and slept for about an hour longer. But at 11:45 I woke up in a lot of pain and started pacing again. I went to the toilet every ten minutes trying to push.
2am Finally (right when I thought I couldn’t take anymore) I leaned over to pick up my underwear and passed something large into the toilet, and a lot of blood... I suddenly felt extremely sad but the pain was gone. I got up and walked around some more, got some water and squatted in the kitchen. Then I suddenly passed something else.. I ran to the washroom and had filled a whole pad in about ten minutes, and a large clot or sac or something fell onto the bathmat, that was hard for me emotionally. I jumped in the shower to clean myself up and to cry alone for a bit... the water felt really great. I thought, that must have been it, and decided not to take the final dose. I had already lost a lot of blood.
3am went to bed.
6am woke up to a big mess on the bed and another overfull pad (I suggest Depends, or sleeping on some old towels). I cleaned myself up and went back to sleep on the couch until about 11:30am. Woke up feeling exhausted, drained physically and emotionally. I was pale, weak and dizzy. I took more iron, lots of water and rested for two days. 
Now it has been a week, physically I feel much better. Emotionally I am still struggling. I am talking to my therapist weekly, and my boyfriend is being very supportive, but I am heartbroken. I am so sorry for anyone that has to go through this, but try to remember; it is not your fault, you can’t change it, and everything happens for a reason... even if its not fair. If you have to take these pills, ask your doctor for pain meds, take iron, be well prepared with large pads, towels, a heating pad, ice packs, comfort food, and emotional support. You will get through this, it will
never be easy, but you will be okay. I am hoping and praying we all get our Rainbow Baby one day soon.

Sending lots of love, and wishing you luck. 

Re: My experience with Misoprostol (Cytotec)

  • Thanks for your post and story. I had a miscarriage this week and had to take the pills two days in a row. I didn't experience a lot of pain or blood, just clots now and then. Thankfully it appears everything has pasted. My hcg is 572. Hopefully it won't take horribly long to get down to normal.  I just feel so empty and lonely right now even though my husband is super supportive. It's just so hard.
  • I got these pills today. I haven’t done them yet though. I started spotting and passing small clots on my own. If it picks up I’m not doing them. If it stalls out I’ll do them Friday. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally prepared for all of this but I so did not want to go through a d&c. 

    Hugs to you. 
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  • Thank you for the honest post.  We found out today (9 weeks) that our baby stopped growing a few weeks ago.  This would have been our second baby.  It is heart wrenching. Feels like a bad dream. 

    I also have fulfilled my prescription and plan to take these Sat AM and am so, so scared.  But I am also so scared of something happening at work or out in public, or with my 3 year old, and so sick of feeling all these symptoms and knowing it is all for not.  So, I guess no choice is a good one in this situation.  I’m sending healing prayers to all going through this. 
  • I wanted to come back to share my experience with Mistoprostol as well.  I found this post to really help in getting prepared. But, I felt like there wasn’t a lot recently about it on this board and was reading everything under the sun- so here goes. Hopefully this can help someone else going through this painful time.

    I took the pills at 8:45 this morning (4 200mg) vaginally as instructed by my dr- she had suggested I wet them a bit first.  I really didn’t think I got them in ok as they were dissolving but I did my best and laid down for about 2 hours.  I started to feel crampy so I got up and took a pain pill (OxyContin) around 10:45. I felt a small gush and went to the bathroom. There was a little blood but nothing too bad.  I decided to lay back down and felt pretty bad cramping for another 20 mins or so- like period cramps on 10. I started to feel chilled so I went back to the bathroom and sat as I went through the worst of it. I was Hot and cold, shaky, and did get sick to my stomach even though I had taken nausea meds.  The contractions had begun and they were painful.  I took comfort in something I had read online saying that when it is at its worst, it’s almost over, so I tried to concentrate on that.

    I sat for a bit and finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to lay back down. Around 12:15 I went back to the bathroom and felt something plop into the toilet. I was too scared to look- called my mom in (who was thankfully here watching my 3yo) and asked her if it was the sac.  She wasn’t sure so I forced myself to look and sure enough, it had to be. 

    I went back to bed, expecting to feel better as everything I read said they got immediate relief but that was not the case for me.  The contractions kept going every 30 seconds or so until about 2:30.  I am losing tissue when I get up to use the bathroom- but not bleeding through pads like I expected to be. 

    I psyched myself up about this all week- I was so nervous and terrified. I have towels on my bed and surrounding the toilet- and have not even had to change my underwear yet (knock on wood!!). 

    I know now I still have some tough days ahead physically, but feel comfort in that the worst physical part is over.  

    If I can get my tears under control, maybe someday I will be strong enough to try again to compete our family.  Again, big hugs to all the mommas out there going through this nightmare. You are so strong. You got this. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss! My angel stopped growing at 6 weeks 6 days and I didn't find out until I was 9 weeks at an ultrasound appt. I would tell myself to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but i wasn't really prepared. I cried without control, as if my spirit was broken a pain so deep in your heart, you just can't help but cry. It comes in waves, sometimes I'm good and as soon as I'm in the shower or somebody looks into my eyes to tell me their sorry for my loss, I can't control the stream of tears. I know it'll take time to heal. It's a tough process. I took the pills to begin not only the physical but emotional healing sooner. I was told to insert 4 pills at once and take ibuprofen at the same time. This first few hours I got a fever and excruciating cramps (contractions).
     I also strongly recommend pain killers right before you begin and during. I know people tolerate pain different but why suffer?  Anyway, it's almost going to be 24 hours later and I'm still passing tissue, not much blood. I also had OB appt today and she said my cervix was still a bit enlarged and asked I come back next week to make sure all tissue has passed with possible ultrasound. I hope it all passes I really don't want to do a D&C or even painful pills again, or get an infection. Anyway, hope you're doing better and prayers your way! I still have hope and we plan to continue to try once this nightmare is over. 
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