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Cervical cerclage at 14 weeks

I had to undergo cervical cerclage due to short cervix at 14 weeks of pregnancy and have been advised complete bed rest until i complete 28 weeks. Its my first pregnancy and don't have any other kind of complications.
I was wondering if i have to have a pelvic rest? My doctor didn't say anything directly but even I was hesistant to ask. Sex is anyway off the table. But i was wondering if even orgasms are a no-no? 

Re: Cervical cerclage at 14 weeks

  • wildtotwildtot member
    I am sorry your going through this but we are not medical professionals to tell you what to do in these cases. Why would you follow the advice of internet strangers over your doctor especially if your high risk?
    With my son I was on bedrest for 90% of my pregnancy for other complications and I know it’s not fun. Bedrest is different from pelvic rest so you need to clarify that with your doctor. The way I understand it bedrest also includes pelvic rest. I couldn’t have sex and no stimulation that would cause any sort of activity/sensation down there. I had my dreams but that’s all and couldn’t do anything with them. Again my situation was different and I followed my doctors orders. 
  • Thanks @wildtot. I must do that! 
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