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Weight gain

so i started out my pregnancy about 20lbs overweight. Within first 20 weeks i gained about 22lbs. Since then, i havent gained any weight. Im 26 weeks pregnant now. Happy the weight gain has slowed but worried baby isnt growing? Anyone else have the same experience? 

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    Weight gain can be all over the place depending on the woman. Did your medical professional say anything about it at your appointments? If they didn't, I wouldn't worry. If you are concerned, you can always ask them at your next appointment.

    It is perfectly possible to have a healthy baby with little to no weight gain. While little to no gain should never be the goal, that does happen for some women, particularly if they are overweight to begin with. Keep in mind that it's not necessarily that you're not gaining weight, it's that you're not having any net gain. You are probably gaining weight from the baby's growth, amniotic fluid, breast size, etc., you're just also losing extra fat at the same time resulting in a net gain of 0.

    A friend of mine gained a grand total of three pounds the entire pregnancy. She was military (in other words, she was carrying a little extra, but was not significantly overweight because they have rules about that), and had GD. She drastically changed her diet to control the GD, and lost weight at the same time she gained baby weight resulting in a net gain of only three pounds. Her baby was perfectly healthy. Not only that, when he was born, he was smaller than expected. Not unhealthily small, but small for a GD baby all because of her well-controlled GD due to the dietary changes that also caused her to lose the extra fat. 
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    Thank you for the reply, @lovesclimbing
    i see my midwife Thursday so I will ask. Trying to turn down anxiety is hard! 
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    I'm 34+3 and still ~5 lbs lower than I was pre-pregnancy. *shrug*
    OB isn't concerned, so I'm not concerned.

    As PP said, unless your OB/MW is concerned, don't worry about it. There is no true healthy number that you should be gaining during pregnancy, and not gaining doesn't mean that baby isn't growing healthy.

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