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How popular is Lydia?

I prefer to choose names that are not overly used but still recognizable. Lydia was on my list but I feel like I have been seeing it more lately- not sure if it is really is that popular.
So, is Lydia popular in your area? (mention area/region please) THANK YOU!

Re: How popular is Lydia?

  • It's the 85th most used name in the unitUn States. It's fairly popular all over. 
  • mb0112mb0112
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    In the northeast I feel like I’m hearing it more but I don’t know any personally.  I feel like it comes up once in a while at the playground but definitely not overdone.
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  • Ditto it being a popular name all around but in WNY it’s very popular for the under 5 crowd

  • I have one cousin (in another state) that is named Lydia, and she is the only one I've known since the 90s. 
  • stahlopstahlop
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    Lydia is my daughters name. It was not popular at all in AZ when she was born (2015).  Then we moved to PA and it was the number 34 girls name in the state!  It is techincally moving down on the list, but it really does depwnd on where you live. 

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  • Not popular in Arizona. Wasn’t popular when we lived in iowa. Have only met one, in Wisconsin and she is 25ish? I love the name.
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