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Best rest question - need advice!

I have Epilepsy. My regular dosage prior to preg was low - Lamictal, about 150mg 1x/day. I had a grand mal at 26w. They’re currently upping my dosage, and next week, I’ll finally land at 300mg/day.

My job is so extremely stressful. I work remotely for a fast-moving Silicon Valley tech company. Average age of employees = mid-20s. I used to stick out as being married - now I stick out as pregnant, ha. 

My meds make me so sleepy. The headaches. My dosage still isn’t right, so I’m not driving. Can I qualify for bed rest? Or at least a note that requests bed rest, that a doctor can write, that my company's HR must acknowledge? 

I’m sinking and am breaking into two as a preg 7mo woman with this job. My boss is 25yo and my HR rep is 27. I’m constantly feeling like I’m on the verge of a seizure, several times a day. Is there a way to quantify stress levels and qualify for leave?  

What specifically can I say to my neurologist to get a note like this? Have any of you done this? Any advice would be so helpful. TIA! 

Re: Best rest question - need advice!

  • nackienackie member
    Have you discussed how you’re feeling with your doctor and asked if they would be willing to assist you with this?  It sounds like you might be eligible for short term disability or at least FMLA, but that would likely take away from what you can use for your maternity leave (assuming you are planning to go back to work)
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    I would suggest just being honest with your doctor. If they decide you need bed rest then fine. You shouldn't have to say anything other than what you've just written here. The age of your boss and HR rep shouldn't matter. If they are professional they should be able to empathize and work with you if they are willing. If not, they might not be a very family friendly company in the first place and you might want to consider finding something that will be.

    If they can't work with you to reduce your work load and stress level when you're regularly on the verge of a seizure, they're unlikely to be very understanding when your baby is sick or daycare is closed or you have to take your child to a doctor's appointment. It might be worthwhile to look around and see what your other job options are.
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  • Like others said speak to your doctor. I’m high risk and had to be on 6 weeks strict bed rest no walking etc due to a partial placenta abruption then pre-e. But honestly based on what you have going on already unable to drive, feeling horrible, chance of seizure or falling I would ask your doctor for short term or a modified best rest where it’s less hours etc. Your doctor will be your advocate and I’m sure you’ve already told your company about your epilepsy so you should be protected. I worked for SV for the past year and a half and now switched over to dc and it’s def a different beast. I feel like I’m going to crack myself and I’m only 14 weeks with high bp so nervous of bad outcomes so I have already told HR I’m high risk and if my doctor sees more issues creep up he will pull the plug on work. No one on my team is understanding has no kids so being expected to do mandatory weekend and night overtime for now 4 months straight I’m breaking as well. Start with talking to your doc. You have to protect you and baby first. 

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  • Your job should never be more important than your health (it took me a long time to realize this), and IMHO California is very protective of employees, generally.  

    Talk to your doc.  I'm in a similar situation (no seizures but impossibly difficult and demanding job), and have just taken a week off d/t illness.  I won't step back into the office until I'm 100% well, and if the load still feels like too much my MD is MORE than ready to reduce my hours/take me out on leave. 

    Pregnancy is temporary and therefore any leave or reasonable accommodation you require and are legally entitled to is a temporary inconvenience to your job, why risk your health. You're not being a baby, life it unreasonable. I've seen people taken our of work on FMLA for much, much less.
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