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May Benchwarmers

1. Introduce yourself if new
2. What brings you to the bench? 
3. What is your favorite summer activity? And what summer activity do you think is overrated?

Re: May Benchwarmers

  • lin0442lin0442 member
    Hi everyone! Hope y’all get off the bench on time :)

    1. Not new, but I’ve mostly been lurking on TTCAL lately. 2 losses- one at 13 weeks in 2016, one CP this past February. No children. 

    2. Got benched by my RE yesterday. New diagnosis of a uterine septum and will be getting surgery in late May (hopefully). Likely benched for the next ~2 months. 

    3. I love grilling and eating outside on the patio. It’s so relaxing, especially after being cooped up inside at work all day. I think going to baseball games is kind of overrated- expensive, no shade, and the games go on foreverrrrrr. I live near Boston though, and people are crazy for the Red Sox!
  • 1. I'm not really new, I just lurk a lot. Plus I'm not ttc yet so I don't feel like I have much to contribute or update.
    2. I just had my first period after my latest loss. I'm only benched because my husband isn't ready to try again. Honestly I'm not really sure where he is right now, but probably mostly waiting because of money. Once we pay off bills and build up our savings again he will probably feel more ready.
    3. During the summer I like to go visit local parks and farms. We love blueberry picking! I'm looking forward to it. I think swimming is overrated. I don't like getting wet, I hate how I look in a bikini, and it does nothing good to my skin or hair. Pass.
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  • 1. Hey! I've posted here and there, but was unfortunately moved from December 2018 moms to somewhere in limbo after our 7+5 US showed the gestational sac in my lower cervix and measuring 5-6 weeks. I am still waiting to pass it, or it may have been absorbed (which i didnt know could happen)!

    2. Waiting for a cycle to pass to we can try again! Our dr said its possible to get pregnant without a cycle but she recommended waiting one cycle for ourselves to heal. She wasn't so much worried about my body healing, she seemed confident that an early loss would have no effect if we didnt wait, but she wanted a LKP. 

    3. What is your favorite summer activity? being on the water. We love kayaking, hiking, anything outside really, but being on the water is the best during the summer! 
    And what summer activity do you think is overrated? hmmm maybe running. everyone LOVES running in the summer. I prefer winter. I run all year, but running in the summer is just so hot, and youre not as efficient. no thanks.

    Also, I am sorry we're here, and on the bench, but I hope no one is here for too long!
  • 1. Hello, I’m new to these boards.  I had a chemical pregnancy in March of this year followed immediately by another pregnancy which ended in a missed miscarriage that was discovered at my 8 week ultrasound last week.  Twins which measured at 7 weeks and no heartbeats.  At my doctor’s recommendation I had a D&C yesterday.

    2. My doctor says we can begin trying again once my normal period returns, but I may wait a little longer because after two losses in 3 months I’m pretty emotionally drained. 

    3. I’m mostly just looking forward to being able to go outside without bundling up.  There are some local farms that let you pick your own fruit which are pretty fun.  As for overrated I’m with @lin0442 in finding going to baseball games an overrated experience.  
  • Hello everyone! I'm sorry we are all here, but glad we are here together. 

    1. I had a miscarriage two weeks ago at about 6 weeks along with our first baby. No real answers, but doctors think it was just a one time thing. I have pcos and we conceived with metformin, femara, and timed intercourse. We are hoping that will work again when we are ttc again! 

    2. My RE recommended waiting until my next period, and then we will do another round of femara. I usually don't ovulate on my own, so we will probably have to start my period with progesterone. We are not doing anything to prevent, though. 

    3. Favorite summer activity is paddle boarding and sun bathing! Most over rated summer activity is definitely hiking. Like... why...
  • justariusjustarius member
    edited May 2018
    Hello everyone - so so sorry for everyone’s losses and being benched to boot - hopefully not for long! Much love to everyone!
    1. Completely new to the discussion board side of this app (super scared to make a mistake with all the rules but here goes...) not new to the TTC world. We’ve been trying for 2 years. I have PCOS. We did the meds over and over (progesterone + femara) Finally got a BFP at the beginning of March. 6wk 3 day u/s saw a good strong heartbeat - thought we were in the clear. As it turns out, I had a missed miscarriage. We found out at 10wks 5days on u/s we had no fetal HB/movement, babe had stopped growing at 8wks 3 days. Misoprostol and finally actually had the miscarriage May 2nd. First pregnancy, first miscarriage- needless to say absolutely devastated.
    2. Benched as I’m waiting to see the fertility specialist (appt not until June 14). Feeling very in limbo without any answers as to when we can try again and whether or not to jump right back on the meds again. Not doing anything to prevent right now though...
    3. Favorite summer activity reading a book outside. Overrated...going to the beach, I’d rather sun tan on grass and jump in a lake than in sand & swim in the ocean.

    On a side note my u/s that resulted the miscarriage also showed that I had two subchorionic hematomas - anyone else experience this/know if it’s related? 

  • Hello Knottie, I'm really sorry for your struggles and loss. It's nothing less then devastating. SCH are generally not an issue and likely had little (if anything) to do with the loss. I had 1 my first pregnancy and everything turned out just fine. I hope you can get some answers to help put your mind at ease, maybe just a little 

    And, it's  recommended you change your SN so that we can tag you and get to know you (though hopefully you won't have to stick around long :) ).
  • Thank you prpl11butterfly for sharing your experience with SCH that’s reassuring to hear. I felt so fixated on that, I guess just wishing for an answer or reason for it. 

    I think I changed my SN? But it didn’t change it on the original post?
  • @justarius your SN is changed on the original post as well :smile:

    I understand fixating on something. We always want answers and being told "these things just happen" is so frustrating.
  • @prpl11butterfly @justarius

    On the topic of SCH's... I had an ultrasound the day before my miscarriage happened, I had just had a tiny bit of spotting and cramping literally an hour before the u/s. Dr saw a small SCH, baby was measuring 2 days smaller than expected and heartbeat seemed slow. Dr didn't seem concerned, but I had warning bells going off in my head. Thinking back in it, I do feel that the SCH was a sign that I was miscarrying, but I agree that I don't think the sch caused the miscarriage, if that makes sense. I just think that the process for me was starting on u/s day, and the sch was a sign of that. But that's just how I feel, no medical professional had told me that so
  • @sagems10

    That’s interesting that you had a SCH too! Seems like you and I have very similar stories overall. My specialist never discussed metformin as part of my ttc strategy- I’m wondering how that helps?  
  • @justarius from what I understand, it helps your insulin regulation which helps your ovaries to function more normally. Honestly I don't know how much of us getting pregnant was the metformin or just the femara. I never tested as insulin resistant so I'm not 100% convinced I really need to be on it lol but I figure I can do anything of it increases my chances. It's nice to feel like someone else understands!
  • @sagems10 I completely understand what you mean willing to do anything if it increases the chances! Whatever it takes :) how many rounds of the femara did you do?
  • @justarius this was only our second round of femara! Hoping it happens that quickly once we start trying again as it seems like our issue is that I just don't ovulate. How long have you been doing the femara? 
  • @sagems10 that’s great - hoping for you too that it’s as quick! Basically the same for us also, three rounds of femara. It just took long for the specialist to figure out the treatment, plus we had been trying for a year before we even saw the specialist. I see him again in June and he’s pretty conservative so I’m Really scared he’s going to bench us for a long time before starting the femara again.
  • I hate the trying for a year rule. I knew something was wrong long before that because I never got a positive opk. Its interesting that your specialist is so conservative... mine unofficially diagnosed me pcos just by talking at our consultation and jumped us right onto meds. They said as long as my hcg drops back to 0, we can ttc again as soon as I get my cycle. How have you been feeling physically? Are you healing up ok? 
  • @sagems10 I got the PCOS diagnosis after having the internal u/s of my ovaries and my irregular cycles. And even then he had us try 3 cycles just with induced periods (using progesterone) and then finally gave the femara. I’ve had no blood work during/since my mmc I’m two weeks away from the 4 wk mark (so not expecting my first period anytime soon yet). That’s awesome that your specialist is so on it. It takes so long for me to even get in to see my specialist! Physically I’ve been feeling mostly good. I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping, but I think that’s more linked to emotionally just wanting answers about all this. Other than that I’d say I’m back to my norm
  • @justarius same for me, back to normal physically. I was SO nauseous this morning, but a lot of things tend to make me nauseous so who knows what it was from today. My OB also tried the progesterone thing with me for a few months... obviously didn't work. It doesn't really make any sense to me though, I don't know how progesterone at the end of my cycle would me me ovulate. But oh well! 
  • @sagems10 glad you’re feeling healthy physically :) I know what you mean about the nausea - it’s like oh maybe I’m pregnant and then you think about it and it’s like nah I probably just didn’t drink enough, or got up too fast, or need to eat or etc 
    Sorry I think I was unclear, my OB had me take the progesterone to start a cycle because I would go months without even having a period. So I would take the progesterone for 5 days and then have a withdrawal bleed, so I’d have a period but I never ovulated on my own just doing that
  • Oic! I'll be doing that in a week or two.
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