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12 month old hit head twice in a month

Hi all,

So my 12 month old fell off the bed and hit her forehead on the laminent floor (think wood flooring but fake for those not aware).

about 1 month later (yesterday) she fell down 3 steps and hit her forehead on a damn TILE floor (same spot on her head where she bumped it falling off the bed).

Before anyone says I am a bad father, please note that I have done my best to be a good parent but "new" things seem to pop up and as a result my 12 month old has now hit her forehead twice in a month.

Both times left quite the bruise/bump on her head.  I spoke to my sister who is a nurse and she told me what symptoms to watch out for (vomiting, enlarged pupils, lack of balance, acting "different", long bouts of crying etc.) and thankfully none of those things happened.

However I am still worried, and most of all completely UPSET at myself for having this happen.

I did not take her to the ER because she was acting quite normal.  Also her pediatrician is not available until this coming Monday......

Please give me some input.  Give me hell, or give me advice - I am here to listen and become a better parent.

Re: 12 month old hit head twice in a month

  • Kids hit their heads, that’s what they do. Luckily nature has designed them to be very flexible and resilient. As long as she seems normal, she probably is. If you are really worried about it take her to the doctor. Just keep watching her and try to calm your anxiety. As she learns to walk she is going to fall many many more times. You are doing your best and that’s all you can do. 
  • First off - you're not a bad parent. I can't count the number of times my DD has hit her head since learning to walk; as PP said, it's what kids do. Is it scary? Of course! As long as your LO is acting normal she will be fine.
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  • You are not a bad parent! All people are different, you need to be more attentive, don't worry about that. You'll be more careful, I trust in you because it's also a big challenge for me!

  • This post is nearly 2 years old. I’m sure her kid is fine. If not, it’s probably not due to a little tumble.
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  • You're not a bad parent we all learn, we're humans and accidents can happen but thanks God it's not that bad and your LO acting normally i remember my LO fell of the bed too and hit her head we're worried too but thanks God she is okay. What you have to do now is to learn and keep going.
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