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Things that made my pregnant self cry

Anyone else still feeling weepy about silly things? 

An old couple holding hands and a ‘rose all day’ wine display that I can have nothing to do with both got me this week. DH started eating a cookie yesterday and I didn’t think he’d bought me one too! Crisis averted, there were two cookies 

Re: Things that made my pregnant self cry

  • I cried yesterday watching Bolt. Like, sobbed. I mean the movie kinda makes me teary eyed not pregnant but I'm hormonal. 
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  • I cry every time I go to my midwives and we talk about my pregnancy/birth plans. It's like I can't physically hold it together. So frustrating. 
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  • Old facebook pictures and videos of my 5 year old. A couple of days ago there was one from when he was 3 "reading" me his favorite bed time story.  I cried for like an hour thinking about how big he is getting and how much everything is about to change.  
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  • I watched the finale of Vampire Diaries last week and I balled like a friggin baby. 

    Everything else just seems to make me cranky instead of weepy, which is weird because it’s usually the opposite when I’m not pregnant. *shrugs shoulders* Maybe I’m just hangry, because ice cream always fixes my mood.
  • Ugh another movie one...DH turned on Up today and I cried...that one really gets me too, takes so long for it to not be sad, then it gets sad again towards the end. At least it ends happy but ugh.
  • I had to fight back tears at the parent-teacher conference for DD who’s 2.5.  (Yes they do those lol.)  the teacher was going on and on about how sweet DD was and how she never had any problems with her, and how she was so smart.  I definitely got glossy eyes.

    Also anytime DD picks out a sentimental book to read at bed time, I get choked up reading it.  So unlike me!  I rarely cry when not pregnant.  
  • For like 2 months now, every time we finish having sex, without fail the waterworks start. I can’t even explain it. I think my husband is getting kind of sick of it. 
  • I cried today (like legit bawled) because DD refused a nap for the second day in a row. I had like a complete melt down. 
  • I cried this morning because the cat got shit on the bathroom floor and I was super disgusted and freaked out and started thinking about getting toxo. 
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  • Driving into work this morning and Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years, comes on. As she sings, I start uncontrollably crying. Damnit...

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  • Reading DS The Seven Silly Eaters before nap time yesterday.  :|
  • Watching a stupid episode of little people big world at the hotel (I know, wtf am I watching...). A couple announced their pregnancy to their parents with little onesies and I started sobbing...
  • I watched Wonder for the first time last night- cried way too much  :( at parts too that weren’t even supposed to be sad... to a non pregnant person anyways 
  • Last night I asked DH what was he thinking, and he replied he was asleep. It made me cry.
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    This. Ugly tears. Happy early mother’s day everyone! 
  • I ugly cried today because my DS broke a mirror. Ugh it’s a long story, but we’re remodeling our bathroom because it had to be done, and had a hard time finding a mirror for above the sink that we liked, that would fit, and that wasn’t $250. Finally found one at target but it was sold out/out of stock online and at our local 2 targets. One a little further had it so we ordered and got an email saying it was gone and we were too late. So we looked again and found it at one in the opposite direction like a half hour away so we ordered it and went and got it. It was in our kitchen because that’s where the overflow is and I told DH (yesterday) we should move it before DS breaks it. Neither of us moved it, and today DD knocked it over and it shattered. I legit ugly cried over this stupid mirror. 

    I ended up finding it at my target and ordered it online, went to get it and it was the wrong store. They had one though so I have a new one! It’s staying in my car until it goes on the wall. 
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