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KEGELS!! Your daily reminder thread

Riding on the coattail of @sarcasticowl thread on TMI - I figured we can all benefit from doing some daily kegels to avoid a sneeze/pee situation. So go ahead, bump this thread...and SQUEEEEEEEZE!! 
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Re: KEGELS!! Your daily reminder thread

  • I feel like Kegels are doing nothing for me :( I'm going to try out pregnancy squats too. I pee a little every time I barf!

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    @adirat. Oh No!  That does not sound fun!  :s  

    I have an app I really like for kegel training with a green footprint logo, just basically called, "Pregnancy," but it has timed, graduated levels of training for you to keep getting stronger.  Both held kegels, and quick pulses.

    Just also remember to really relax on the in betweens, so as not to over tighten.  But I feel like if we are peeing ourselves, maybe not to be too concerned about that yet ;)
  • @BusinessWife I'm going to download that app.  I starting sneezing a lot since the beginning of this pregnancy and I pee myself every. single. time.  
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  • as someone who is still dealing with pelvic floor issues post birth, do those kegels! It stinks being worried your going to pee yourself all the time
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