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2nd Trimester

Ever feel alone and a bit depressed?

I am currently in my second trimester with my second child. This pregnancy is different in terms of emotions. I feel so alone and misunderstood.  The first pregnancy, everyone was so helpful and kind. Women give birth all the time!!!! Why do I feel like this? My husband is not being very supportive. He keeps telling me that I am being mean, but I just cant help it! I try and stuff down my feelings but them I get depressed from all the supressed feelings.  

Re: Ever feel alone and a bit depressed?

  • Subsequent pregnancies can definitely be different from the first. There can be less excitement from the people around you because it's not the "first" anymore. Partners (and everyone really) can be less helpful because it's not the "first". I would absolutely talk to your dr about it though. He/she may have some ideas to help or may be able to point you in the direction of a support group/therapist. 

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  • Please reach out to your ob and consider a therapist. Pregnancy related depression can happen before delivery and you should seek help. People (even ourselves) put on unrealistic expectations because they have already gone through it before. Each pregnancy is different. 
  • Everyone elses reply doesn't seem to be so supportive. Let me be a little more positive because I completely understand where your coming from. Its hard especially when we are not getting support from our families or significant others. Sometimes I feel depressed and other days I have more hope. So it just depends. Also our bodies are going through several hormonal changes even if it is your second baby. We have to remember to gentle with ourselves and kind to ourselves. We are dealing with a lot especially when we are pregnant. Be blessed.

  • My husband is not emotionally supportive. Even when I tell him I am uncomfortable physically and emotionally, he'll just look at me with a blank stare or tell me he shouldn't be the source of my happiness or hes not the cause for my issues when I already know that and have been telling him calmly all day of what I need. I feel very alone. I just need a hug or two and for someone to give me a pep talk sometimes. But i guess that's too much to ask for. So i definitely feel you and am sorry you're going through that too. It will be ok.
  • Incompletely understand. I am 27 weeks with my second, but first for my husband and I and it’s been a struggle. Feeling misunderstood and just a burden at times because I don’t want to stay up late and hang out, or go out at night .... he says he is trying to do what he can to make it easier for me but is always making me feel otherwise. I get the alone feeling completely... it’s good to know others feel it too. Sleep deprivation doesn’t help either!!! Lol
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