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Postpartum symptoms - 4/4

And here we thought the fun ended once we delivered the baby! Nope, it’s postpartum time! What are you going through this week?

Re: Postpartum symptoms - 4/4

  • I had a csection (and postpartum hemorrhage immediately after) however, the once I left the hospital the bleeding has been minimal. I’ve has heavier periods than this! Over the last few days it’s just been spotting but after overdoing it on monday and Tuesday, by nightfall I was starting to bleed again. Only when I go to the bathroom (on the toilet paper). Never on the pad or gold ball size clots like they warn you about. It seems to have stopped but has anyone experienced any off/on bleeding when you think it’s finally ending? I’m only 2 weeks postpartum.

    Also, my bowels have been a bit runny too but I remember that after my first csection so I’m not overly concerned.

  • @btm013.  I'm going on 5 weeks and still need a liner.  Thankfully it's been fairly light, but would love to just have things dry out and breathe down there!!  And yes, my bowels were runny too...I thought from too much prune juice trying to get things restarted, but after "firming" up later, I'm glad things were loose early on!
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  • Because I’ve reached the paranoid stage of postpartum haha, I decided to call my OB about the bleeding and she said it was completely normal! I just needed to hear her say it ya know? Especially since I suffered a postpartum hemorrhage immediately after delivery. She said I’m not at any higher of a risk of it happening again. 

    Tomorrow its the pediatricians turn for my paranoid questions!! And this is my second child! He’s going to wonder how I managed with our first!
  • Okay, I thought I was done with Charlie horses. Nope!  Both the top of my feet and shins every morning!   Ouch!!  

    @btm013.  Glad to hear everything checked out!  As for the pediatrician appt...ask away!  That's what they are there for!  Also, I found writing my questions down helpful as my postpartum sleep deprived brain struggled to remember them all!
  • @btm013 I expected more blood from what I read and others experiences. Same though- I've had heavier periods than this it's just more obnoxious at this point. Will see if it's on and off in the next couple weeks but hoping it's going to taper off sooner than later. 

    I'm finding it nutty that I have this cute little nugget on the outside instead of the inside haha. Not really a symptom but just so weird to have my little one here instead of my bump.  DF gets a kick out of hugging me because of how different it is. Also, it's crazy how quickly most of my pregnancy-dependent symptoms went away (high blood pressure, heartburn mostly). 

  • 2 days postpartum and feeling it. I'd say the after pains get worse with every baby. I didn't tear or graze which I'm so grateful for. I bleed a lot when she's on the boob and get really bad contractions along with it. Apart from that, all seems to be going well. I'm so relieved that my heartburn went away instantly!
  • I'm 4wks postpartum and am still sometimes spotting, sometimes more. Still not 100% down there, which I guess is normal since I had stitches due to 2nd degree tear. I can say though that my nipples have finally toughened up!
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  • With my first c section I bleed for what felt like 6 weeks... never super heavy, but I had to wear a pad for what felt like forever.  Glad your dr gave you some peace of mind!
  • Anyone had any issues with severe headaches? Had my Raffie Maeve 3rd April and had really horrible headaches and ringing in my ears since. Worried its due to the epidural?

    Thank you 

  • @jessiebox they say severe headaches are due to high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia even after birth. Definitely get it checked out. I've had the odd headache, but I think it's from lack of sleep and hormonal changes. 
  • I’ve definitely met many ladies who have had a headache after epidural. It’s (maybe) due to the epidural canal hitting a nerve or vein I think. They spoke of this in my birthing class. It can be corrected by doing an epidural block by an anesthesiologist. You should ask hospital or doctor about it. The headaches are known to be very bad and can last for weeks (if that’s what it is).
  • Thank you. Booked in surgery tomorrow its a spinal leakage due to epidural
  • I think it is something like this. Booked in for a blood patch tomorrow in surgery to block a leak of spinal fluid or something. Thank you x
  • @jessiebox how are you feeling?
  • @btm013 sorry ive just seen your reply ! To cut it short it was a post dural headache. A rare complication where epidural pierces your spinal tap and the fluid leaks. Procedure to have it fixed was vile and didn't work but it fixed itself in the end and all good now Thank you 
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