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MoMs of Multiples - April Check-In

I'll start with a rant...why does everyone feel the need to say something about twins?  I was leaving the doctors office yesterday and a woman commented...wow, 2 sets of twins, hope that it's not from the water... (another twin mom was waiting in the office).  As I walked passed her, I commented to my husband that so many people make rude and inappropriate comments.  I know the woman heard me and I know I need to get a thick skin being a mom of twins,  but Geesh, keep it to yourself people!  I'm a proud mama of twins!

Re: MoMs of Multiples - April Check-In

  • @knuttyplus2 small minded people. I only had the one born this morning and it's hard work (even though I've had babies before!) I give you and other mums of multiples so much respect. I'd have done the same and added my middle finger on my way out. 
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