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C-section experience at Englewood Hospital? (NJ)

Hi everyone,
I am likely going to have a scheduled c-section at Englewood in June for various medical reasons.   Has anyone had a c-section at this hospital,  and if so, what was your experience?  I am especially concerned about having skin to skin contact with my baby as soon as possible.  I also don't want to have my arms strapped down during the procedure, but not sure what the policy is at this hospital.  Any insight would be much appreciated!

Re: C-section experience at Englewood Hospital? (NJ)

  • Are there places that strap arms down during a csection? I'm suddenly concerned about that. I'll add that to my list of things to worry about until I can ask my Dr when I next see him.
  • @May14th2011 my arms weren't physically strapped down.  I had to lay them on the arm table things, but could move them freely to touch DD when they brought her over.  
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  • @may14th2011 pretty sure mine were strapped down. 
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  • @sunshineandwhiskey mine weren't strapped down for the last two, but this is a new hospital so I guess I'll ask just to be sure. 
  • Should try your local board if you’d only like to ask Internet Strangers.
  • Mine were not strapped down! I'm claustrophobic thinking about it.
  • *lurking*
    mine were strapped down but glad because i was a bit shaky from the spinal. I’d highly recommend a hospital tour.
  • @May14th2011 mine were strapped down :( it was probably a good thing bc the way mine went south I probably would have been flailing them around. That being said, I have been told I can request that they not do it. 
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