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Shooting range?? Help :'(

So I went to the shooting range today, I am 18 weeks pregnant and I didn't even think about the lead exposure you get. I was there for about an hour and shot maybe 30 rounds. As soon as we were done, I washed my hands and have changed my clothes, but I feel like the place we went to (indoors) was not adequately ventilated. I wish I had worn a mask to reduce my exposure. I also wore 3 layers of clothing and could feel baby kicking while I was in there. I am more worried about the lead exposure than the noise. Any mommas to healthy kids born after shooting indoors? I don't plan on going again, I'm so worried I hurt my little precious. </3

Re: Shooting range?? Help :'(

  • Well, what's done is done. Can't really change that, except not to go back again. I found this resource that seems to advise against shooting in the third trimester, and against shooting an indoor ranges at all during pregnancy. Hopefully no harm no foul, but it's interesting. It's not something that I ever would have thought about, but it's good to be aware of the potential harm that can be done.  Hopefully, just that one time won't cause too much concern.  GL!
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  • My last pregnancy my doctor advised me around that time to discontinue shooting because of the noise. While I know that’s not what you’re worried about, she didn’t seem to be concerned about the lead (or maybe just didn’t think about it?) Either way, I would just say wait to do it again until you have your babe and if you’re extremely concerned, mention it to your doctor and have them test you. 
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