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Alcohol while ttc

Are you obstaing from alcohol while ttc? Or drink until pink?

Re: Alcohol while ttc

  • Somewhere in-between! I'll drink during AF and WTO. 
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  • dpjenniferdpjennifer member
    edited March 2018
    Sorry my sketch o'meter is pretty high with this one... not sure why someone is asking a random question to a bunch of people suffering from loss, when their last post on TB was 3 months ago talking about being PG as a STM, especially when that question has nothing to do with loss. I mean, imbumpin are you doing some sort of school paper where you're supposed to get random strangers to answer a poll about alcohol consumption while TTC or something? Here's a new topic for your research instead... How to have some d*mned respect!!!!
  • This question makes me not  want to abstain from drinking...
  • imbumpinimbumpin member
    edited March 2018
    **Removed for TOU violation**
  • dpjenniferdpjennifer member
    edited March 2018
    imbumpin  1) Sorry for your loss.
    2) You absolutely should have intro'd before asking...
    3) Kinda late to worry about if you had EWCM, already had sex, and drank last night
    4) I'm absolutely drink until it's pink. Of course, I've had 4 losses, so at this point having 1 glass of wine once in a blue moon isn't going to be killing my babies more than anything else anyway... 
    5) Do NOT lecture me on respect. I LIVE in these boards and have for over 2 years. I'm not lucky enough to be TFAS. I'm not worried about that one glass of wine during my TWW. I'm just trying to keep a baby alive long enough to see a heartbeat and am praying for a miracle before we end up being childless not by choice. Maybe instead of you barging in here being all "I'm SOOO super special and I have a super important question that's really not important cause it already happened and I'm really just more curious than anything..." you could've gotten to know us a little... in here we GIVE support to GET it... please try it.
    6) my chill-o'meter is busted and has been for a while now... severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety from unexplained RPL will do that to you...
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