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Intro: TW previous losses and living child mentioned

Hi everyone- I was around this board 2 years ago. My history is in my signature, but the short story is I had 2 losses and a take home baby this passed June.

 Partly because of my losses and partly because I was battling Lyme disease at the time, I had Terrible depression in pregnancy. I was almost hospitalized at 7 weeks due to severe insomnia (I didn’t sleep at all for 96 hours and started halleucinating). In my 3rd trimester, I started treating my Lyme and ended up going on leave 6 weeks before my due date because of my severe depression.

I started feeling better in September and have been basically normal since December. During my pregnancy, we never thought I’d be able to go through it again, but now that I’m better I really want another baby. I wish we could give my body a bit more time to rest, but I turn 39 in June so my Dr is encouraging us not to wait much longer. Right now we are NTNP with a plan to start getting more serious in May or June. 

Re: Intro: TW previous losses and living child mentioned

  • @chloe97 Sorry to hear about your tough times. I am No stranger to insomnia, it’s the worst but 96 hours is rough I’m sure you were hallucinating! You poor thing.
    Welcome to our TTC over 35 group! We’ve got a great group of ladies here some trying naturally and others going through IVF, like myself. Either way come join on our weekly thread  :) hope your stay here is short!
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    Thanks @ndz2018! That insomnia was unreal. What was strange was I wasnt even tired. There was something really off!

    ETA now I sleep better than I have in 4 years. I have no idea why, but I’m enjoying it!
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  • Hi there!!! We're we're on the same bump TTC after a lost board a while ago. I'm so happy to see you finally had a little one too!! Yay!! I'm 39 turning 40 in Oct and just got major baby fever with my son turning 1 and a couple friends I made on maternity leave announcing pregnancies. I had a super hard time TTC and a miserable pregnancy as well, but I want to start trying again just in case. I broke out the good old wondo ovulation sticks today. 
  • @chloe97 Hi and welcome! I'm sorry for your losses but happy you've found us. FX your stay here is short! I'm scheduled to start IVF #1 for baby #2 in May. We still have one more cycle mid-April to TTC on our own, so that's the plan.

    @BaylieGirl I use those too! Actually, I tried something different this time: As I get closer to my normal O date, I use them 3x/day to be sure I don't miss the surge. Just food for thought. I'm still not KU but I have other issues getting in the way (see my siggy). Anyway, welcome!
    Me: 42, dx: DOR (AFC: 5), low AMH (0.163), blocked tube, fibroid
    DH: 44, dx: ED (uses Cialis), low count/motility (17 million/44%)
    ~Our History~
    2012: April married <3 , begin TTC
    2013: Jan: BFP #1, mc at 11 weeks (Trisomy 10), D&E :'( ; Nov: HSG=blocked right tube, SHG=polyp, fibroid
    2014: April: polypectomy; May-Nov: TTC, Dec.= BPF #2, DS born 8/28/15 via C-section <3
    2016: Oct.-Dec.: TTC 
    2017: Feb.-Aug: benched due to Zika virus threat (Feb.=trip to Philippines) :( , Sept.-Dec.: TTC
    2018: Jan.-Apr.: TTC
              May: IVF #1 w/ ICSI/AH: 6R, 3M, 2F; day 3 transfer of both embies; poor quality (E1=grade 3, E2=grade 4)

    May 2018 IVF Spreadsheet:

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