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  • Not sure if this is the right place to post given the intro description, but didn't see another spot when I searched. There was a scheduling snafu so my plan to get the 1-hr test at 8:30 am and only eat an egg beforehand was foiled...had it at 2:30 pm and a regular lunch on the early side and failed. Know plenty of people pass the 3-hr after failing the 1-hr, but still nervous. I'm pretty needle-phobic so just the 3-hr with its 4 blood draws seems terrifying,
    much less having to do finger sticks regularly if I fail...Does everyone who fails the 3-hr end up doing daily testing or does it depend on your doctor or level on the test?
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  • @adventuresawait1 I hope you pass the 3-hour!  I haven’t heard of anyone who failed the 3-hour doing less than the standard testing (fasting and after breakfast, lunch and dinner).  But if it’s a concern for you I would just ask your OB about it and see what he/she says.  
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  • @adventuresawait1 if you fail the three hour, expect to be pricking your finger 4 times a day. It’s not too bad. My dr is treating me like a diabetic, but since I didn’t actually fail the test and since my numbers are good she lets me test 3 days a week instead of 7 days. Honestly it’s not too bad if you have to. Do you have a blood phobia? 
  • @moguippy @Sarafuss Appreciate the encouragement and perspectives here!  I am a bit blood phobic, but hey, if I fail, guess this will be a good chance for me to conquer a fear! :)  

  • purplepelicanpurplepelican member
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    I am so mad at my doctors. Both my obgyn and my MFM. They're making me go off of my Metformin. I had an uncontrolled weight gain issue that strict diet and exercise did NOTHING for, and then I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on Metformin. Suddenly I was able to eat like a normal human being and started losing weight, a bowel issue I'd had my entire life was cured, and I stopped getting frequent yeast infections. And now they want to take me off of it to test for gestational diabetes. I don't understand this at all. Their rationale is: my blood sugar is controlled by Metformin, so if I'm on it, they won't know if I have gestational diabetes. But....if my blood sugar is controlled by Metformin, then why do we need to do anything?? It seems to me like they want me to have uncontrolled blood sugar for a month, test to confirm that I do indeed have a blood sugar issue, and then what? Tell me to control it with diet and exercise? Because that worked so effing well in the past? Or tell me to go back on the Metformin? In which case, why was this little exercise necessary? I know exactly what's going to happen. I'm going to go off the Metformin, gain 30 lbs in a month, and then they'll say "oh gee it turns out you have a blood sugar problem." Fuck this. 
  • @beanship I'm on Metformin for PCOS. I could NOT lose weight no matter what I did before I started the Metformin. My OB is just treating me like I have diabetes instead of testing for it. Which I was mad about at first, but honestly it's probably the best thing.  Can you just ask them to do that?  I'm testing my sugar fasting (everyday) and after meals (3 days a week) instead of doing the GD test. Maybe they will let you do that instead?
  • @beanship please consider getting a 2nd opinion. I know it's tough because you're likely over halfway through pregnancy at this point, but that is absolutely absurd. If you test positive for GD while on Metformin, then the Metformin is likely helping but it's not enough. If you test negative for GD while on Metformin, then you don't have it, maybe in part BECAUSE the Metformin is doing its job. If it is keeping you from getting GD, then great, why would they ever take you off of it just to test that theory? I've been on Metformin through both of my pregnancies and it was never suggested that I stop taking it, I was just tested for GD early due to higher risk from PCOS. Do you see an endocrinologist that might be able to weigh in? 
  • @zande2016 EXACTLY!!!! I don't understand why I need to be off of the Metformin to test for GD. Why do we need to take me off of it to test the theory that Metformin is keeping me from getting GD???? 

    I really don't want to switch obgyns because she's been my doctor for years. And there are no other MFM doctors in my area. So basically I feel trapped, because even if I went to a new obgyn they would hear the same thing from the MFM and defer to that decision. There is another MFM an hour away from me in a different state, but idk if my insurance would cover a consultation with them.  

    My RE is unlikely to be helpful because I was apparently the first PCOS patient of his to ever ask to stay on Metformin. Apparently everyone else hated the side effects too much. There are no other REs within a 4 hour drive of me, so I can't get a second opinion that way either. 

    I'm literally crying about this right now. It makes no fucking sense. 

    I feel like my only option is to just put myself on the gestational diabetes diet proactively and exercise every day (even though my hips hurt). 

    So basically I just called my obgyn and left a tearful message with her nurse saying that I was extremely uncomfortable with this decision, felt trapped because I had no other MFM doctor I could go to for a second opinion, and then basically read @zande2016 's well-reasoned argument as to why this decision is absurd into the voicemail. 
  • Andplusalso - making me do something that I'm afraid will make me gain excessive amounts of weight is a HORRIBLY bad idea considering my previous history of having an eating disorder. 
  • @beanship Good for you for sticking up for yourself. I don't see an RE (insurance doesn't cover it), I see a regular endocrinologist. Maybe you could find one of those? Try to find one that has experience in PCOS.  My endo originally took me off the metformin for a few weeks when I got pregnant before I asked to go back on. But the reason she took me off was bc it crosses the placenta and she didn't think I really needed it. Not to test to see if I had GD (which is ridiculous if you already had problems pre-metformin that the metformin was helping with). 
  • Ugh I'm so sorry your options are limited. I honestly would probably just keep taking it if I were in that situation, they can't force you to stop (as long as you have refills on your rx). What about seeing a regular endocrinologist? I realize they might also defer to the MFM, but my endo didn't care much at all what my MFM thought about my diabetes, so there are some out there that will do what they think is right regardless.  
  • purplepelicanpurplepelican member
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    @moguippy @zande2016 Thank you both so much for responding to this and giving me advice. I was feeling so lost and upset, and hearing from ya'll made me feel like I had at least an argument to make to my obgyn and a route to ask her to consider using.  ETA: Also I was wondering if I was crazy to want to stay on the Metformin, and it was so great hearing that what I'm asking IS a normal thing even if it isn't normal for my providers.

    My obgyn called me back after getting my weepy voicemail, and I was able to suggest that I stay on the Metformin but just start testing my blood sugar as if I already had GD.

    I may have convinced her that continuing the Metformin was more of a psych issue than anything, but I'm fine with that. I reminded her about the history of an eating disorder and about my current psych issues. And I was basically crying on the phone about how I had literally eaten 1300 calories per day (on a diet approved by a nutritionist who works with clients who have or who have previously had an eating disorder) for an entire YEAR while working out with a personal trainer for a YEAR and had lost ZERO POUNDS until I was put on Metformin for PCOS. And remember that year I had 6 yeast infections and she was so confused that she asked me whether I had diabetes or could possibly have HIV? (Surprise! It was IR-PCOS!) It just makes me so mad that nobody will believe me when I say that the Metformin is effectively treating something that is actively very wrong with my body.

    She's going to "think it over some more and talk with the MFM again about it, but we don't have to do anything just right now about it." So we will see. 
  • @beanship that sounds like a start at least! I hope your OB and MFM can have an open mind and consider your personal circumstances before making a decision. So often I feel like some OBs and MFMs are so set in one specific way of treating patients that they forget to individualize their care. I'm not a doctor and of course this is not true across the board, but I find I really have to advocate for myself the certain doctors - and I'm glad you're advocating for yourself! 
  • @zande2016 @moguippy And I think I will go ahead and look up regular endocrinologists in my area just in case. Maybe they will listen to me more.
  • @zande2016 That's exactly how it feels to me - like there's a set protocol that they are used to and I'm messing with their protocol by demanding individualized care. And I absolutely hate how I now feel like a lunatic or a "difficult patient" when all I'm doing is advocating for myself about something that I think is important. 
  • @beanship The only thing I can think is that determining if you have GD could possibly make you and your doctors aware of potential risks associated with GD, like premature placental ageing, increased birth weight, and low fetal blood glucose - thus, allow for additional monitoring or planning. However, putting you and your fetus at additional risk just to confirm a diagnosis seems unnecessary. Maybe instead of following the GD diet and exercise plan right off the bat, instead see about testing blood glucose as if you have GD so if numbers start to look suspicious, additional measures can then be considered?

    I'd say to continue speaking to your doctors to determine each doctor's reasoning for confirming a GD diagnosis, then challenge them on if it would actually change your treatment plan.
  • @beanship that makes a lot more sense! 
  • purplepelicanpurplepelican member
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    Just used my new glucose meter. I did an experiment where I ate 53g of carbs for lunch (nom nom). 2 hours later my blood glucose is 111. Looks like I have great blood sugar levels after eating while on 2000mg of Metformin. If my fasting level tomorrow morning is within normal range and isn't too low, I'm going to give myself permission for a full "told you so" party about the Metformin not being harmful and possibly helping (ETA my "told you so party" will be me dancing around for 10 seconds chanting "told you so" as if my doctors can hear me)

  • Fasting blood sugar this morning was within normal range and not too low. Looks like the Metformin is doing no harm! So there, doctors!!! 

  • @beanship awesome! So are they just going to treat you as GD for the rest of the pregnancy? My fasting has been good (as long as I don't fast for more than 8 hours, which makes for a fun 5am wake up every day), but my after breakfast this morning was too low - doctor now wants me to eat full fat dairy at bedtime. He said milk or yogurt, but my brain immediately went to ice cream lol. 
  • @zande2016 I would have thought ice cream too lol. it's my favorite food
  • @moguippy I got these Snickers ice cream bars that are only 18 carbs, some nights I eat one of those before bed and my number is always fine the next morning. Maybe I will try one serving of full fat ice cream instead and see if that helps with the after breakfast number. Any excuse to eat ice cream! 
  • @zande2016 the trick is sticking to the serving size. I always want more lol
  • @moguippy that's why the bars so good, I know I can just eat the bar. When I'm measuring half a cup of icecream, I'm like, let me pack this in here real nice and tight. lol 
  • @zande2016 Yes I think so. That's what I asked them to do, and I've got my appointment with the diabetes education center next week. Omg those Snickers ice cream bars sound amazing. 
  • Made my appointment a little over 26 weeks at 7:45 am. Hopefully it will be easier to fast and I'm going to tell DH to make me some breakfast for right after depending on how I feel after drinking the drink! Doctor insisted I fasted...but I kinda wanna have some protein like a HB egg beforehand 
  • @kissableviv your doctor told you to fast for the one hour? You really only have to for the three hour. I guess it doesn't hurt to fast for it, but as long as you're not eating anything sugary or carb heavy before it shouldn't matter too much. A hard boiled egg shouldn't have too much of an effect on your blood sugar. For me, it would actually probably lower my blood sugar a little but that's because mine tends to go up when I fast for too long, and eating protein would help bring it back down a little. 
  • @zande2016 he did and so did the lab, meh. I'm usually ok with not eating anything but since they draw blood (twice?) I'd rather have something beforehand. As you said I'm pretty sure a HB egg will be fine.

    Couldn't they just have us drink and Starbucks Unicorn drink? LOL
  • @kissableviv Haha that probably has the same amount of sugar! Both times I've taken the one hour test, they only draw your blood once - an hour after you finish your drink. Good luck! 
  • Just received the drink and instructions for my next visit. Nice that they give it to me to take at home and then I show up to my regularly scheduled appointment about 15 minutes early to get the blood drawn on time instead of taking it there and waiting around. The instructions said I didn't have to fast, but it's first thing in the morning anyway.
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  • I'm not sure why my doctor has zero interest in me doing this before 28+ weeks. Should I push to do it earlier? I like that he's really laid back but isn't this super important?
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  • @runsomewhere it's really up to you. They told me between 25 and 28.
  • @runsomewhere I've never done it before 28 weeks. I have my next appt at 24 I imagine they won't have me back before 28 weeks this time, so I am guessing it will be 28 weeks again for me! 
  • @runsomewhere at my clinic its routinely done at the 28 week appointment. 
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  • @beanship sorry for being so late on this but So proud of you for standing up for yourself to your dr and mfm! 
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  • purplepelicanpurplepelican member
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    I haven't been doing the GD diet since I haven't been to the diabetes education class yet (figured I might as well give myself one last week of food freedom and see what my blood sugar does when eating normally). But I've been checking my blood sugar after every meal. It's been fine....until tonight. 2 hours after eating a burger and fries with a TON of ketchup it's 147. The internet tells me that for a non-diabetic, blood sugar 2 hours after a meal should be up to 140. So this is the first "real" proof I have (other than my symptom history) that the way my body deals with insulin isn't quite ideal. 
  • @beanship I don't know that just one high number can really show anything. That's only 7 over, and french fries are a huge sugar spiker
  • @zande2016 That sounds accurate. I'll be interested to see if this is something that continues or is just limited to fries. I've at least determined that fries are not going to be my friend haha
  • Potatoes in general, even sweet potatoes, have been horrible for me. It's so sad because french fries are basically my favorite food. Rice, pasta, bread I can have in moderation but not potatoes. @beanship
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