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  • CD 21. It's the cycle that never ends... It goes on and on my friends! FX for all you ladies! We need some good news around here!
  • @Kath525 I’ve had one cycle that I’m aware of since TTC that I didn’t O.  It was the third medicated cycle and I triggered which is supposed to make you O and I didn’t.  I had to take a rest cycle the next time to make sure my body rid the follicles. Super frustrating.  I hope your body gets back on track!
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  • I spoke too soon, I think I’m mood swinging... went shopping after work, in a singing in the car great mood, and I came down the stairs after TEN MINUTES tonight and DH had ransacked the kitchen, filled it with smoke, and the dog had run amuck and thrashed the couch pillows all over the room.  That’s all it took for my head to spin around.  WOOF.

    @tosh24 Sorry about the Lupron reaction.  
  • Got cut off, gotta love mobile.... FK @tosh24 for a “normal people” cycle, you just never know! 
  •  @tosh24 That sucks about the bad reaction!  Will you "only" be benched for one month?

    I agree @Kath525, we need some good news on this board :/

  • Today is CD11 - I don't have a lot of hope for this month. I guess I just have been feeling down about it. 

    @kikimi83@grebretso,  @Mack2342, and @shadylane18 I'm with you as well. I was due August 4 and have a friend due July 30. I walk a fine line of being sad, angry, and just weirdly looking at her bump wondering "what if." I just keep thinking maybe this month. 

    @coco2787 The last try for a 2018 has hit me hard. I hate setting time goals.

    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @MicahDahn
    I think that's exactly why I've been feeling so down this cycle.....a time line I've set for myself that is something that is clearly out of my control.    
  • @MicahDahn yes with the timeline! I work in a school so my August baby was timed perfectly. Now I keep thinking about how I might have to leave in the middle of the school year... Like really? Babies are born all year round. Does it really matter? No. But I had a plan dammit!
  • Was thinking of taking a few of my vacation days to stay at my parents longer after Easter and hang out with my sister, while DH comes back earlier to work (he gets way less vacation than I do)... and just as plans were coming together, I realized I'm on CD 13 today and usually O around CD 20, which would be next Wed. But I had some nice CM last night, and HAVE O'd around CD 14-16 before... so now I have no idea what is going to happen. *sigh* I refuse to make plans around TTCAL, but I really don't want to miss a cycle either. NOt really a question, just more of a DD semi-rant.  Le Sigh.

    @Mack2342 Fingers crossed for today!!!
  • The best laid plans of mice and men....

    I totally had a plan to. And things were aligning perfectly. Until they didn't.  :(
  • @bakerstreetboys and @dpjennifer IUI went well this morning.  Will try again later on our own for good measure

    @dpjennifer I’m the opposite I plan all things around TTC.  Take days off and decide later what you want to do then at least you will have a better idea of what body is doing and will have the time if needed 
  • Mack2342  I've been desperately trying to NOT plan my life around TTC, but easier said than done. 
  • @dpjennifer I can totally understand not putting life on hold for a crap shoot aka TTC but I feel like if I don’t plan around it it won’t happen for me.  
  • @kikimi83  Yes!!! I am a teacher. I totally understand! I am also a planner. I get it, you can't plan everything- but seriously! 
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @furmama1986 I am bad at planning and trying to control when things will happen. Another life lesson I don't care to learn the hard way.
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @Mack2342 Yasss for the temp increase!  Fx super hard for you!  Hoping to join you over there soon.  OPK was the darkest it has been since D&C so I'm hoping to get a solid positive one later today or tomorrow. 
  • Nice @bakerstreetboys hopefully O is near!
  • Good luck @Mack2342!

    @MicahDahn & @kikimi83  I work in a school as well and my May 11 due date was perfect for my situation... can’t remember if you guys are both U.S. but with sucky mat leave options I could’ve used my max allowed six weeks of sick time to summer vacation and then been off until September.  Almost four months off when we’re technically only allowed three unpaid and it would’ve been allllllll paid.  Gosh darn it.  At this point we’d be getting close to new year’s with a due date as we head into trying again so who knows... so many months on the bench post loss has me not particularly caring too much anymore, though!  They will come when they are meant to come! 
  • ccvslp Ugh! That's sucky. It's an extra pain when things were going to work out 'perfectly' with your schedule and then the MC happens. :( My first was supposed to be born basically on my birthday. So now that day is always bittersweet. Sorry it didn't work out with your leave, as a teacher it sounds like you had the best DD possible with your first. Maybe you'll get luckier with the second?
  • @ccvslp oh that's terrible! It's so frustrating isn't it? I'm in Canada so I definitely benefit from the long leave.  But now I'm switching schools and the idea of having to come back in the middle of the school year just sounds awful! I guess some things are just too good to be true. But it is what it is. 
  • Got my solid smiley face this morning on my clear blue opk.... not temping this cycle
    ( due to last cycle stressing about it. )
    Would it be assumed that O day will be tomorrow?
  • @furmama1986 I would say O would be tomorrow. But I would DTD today and tomorrow. Can't hurt right :wink:
  • @furmama1986 my RE told me that ovulation is usually within 24-48 hours of the START of your surge so it's hard to say.  I think that's why they are having us BD day of positive OPK and each of the two days after..... if you catch the VERY start of your surge it might be the next day; if you're testing AM and your surge started during the night it could technically be same day.  This is why I'm extra and like to do OPKs AND temp.... it relieves some anxiety to see that temp rise after and confirm what happened (for me anyway.) 
  • @ccvslp good point.   I still had the flashy smiley face last evening and this morning's was at 5 am.   Hopefully i caught the start of it and O holds off till tomorrow.... hubs has to work super late tonight
  • Had lots of EWCM starting up today, which is day 11.  That’s definitely a bit early for me so I’m hoping Letrozole has done some good things.  Tomorrow morning (BRIGHT and early... have to leave at 6am to be there at 7 an hour away
  • OMG hate when mobile cuts me off...

    finished to say tomorrow is monitoring that will likely lead to five days of estrogen unless my lining has newfound superpowers.  Hoping estrogen won’t stall O but I’m trying to just trust my doctor (I’m pretty bad at that.)  OPKs start tomorrow and we’re on every other day BD starting yesterday and then three days in a row when my OPK lights up!  Here we gooooo!
  • @ccvslp I couldn't agree more! This cycle would put a little one close to Christmas, which I would have never wanted but honeslty- I do not care anymore! I will take any month, any day! I am not goingt to worry about the little things anymore!
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @furmama1986  Today is day three of the darn flashy smiley face for me. I really want the solid smiley soon! I hope your timing was perfect! 
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @ccvslp Good luck this cycle!!!

    @MicahDahn I remember when I was getting ready to start trying I had preferences about times of year for things- not being massively pg over the sticky late summer, not being due in the middle of winter when it’d be a pain to get to the hospital, etc. Now those don’t even enter into my head, I’d be elated for any season as long as it worked out!

    I’d like it if losses didn’t scar any more holidays, though. My first pg/loss was due the day after Thanksgiving, and it touched St. Patty’s Day (bfp), my birthday (good u/s), my anniversary (one week after D&E), and obviously Thanksgiving and Christmas are really tough. Of course, it doesn’t change that I’m trying every month anyway.
  • Add me to the list of not wanting a baby in Dec. We had planned to take off months to avoid Nov/Dec baby. But all that's out the window now and I couldn't care less when a baby comes so long as it does!
  • I would gladly take a Christmas present!  My mom had a dream I was in labor with another woman at the same time on New Years Eve and I was demanding stop watches be pulled out so that I could “win” the first New Years baby.  I had to laugh because I AM competitive enough to be like that... lol!  And I have to hope that maybe it’s a good sign/premonition?

    So, in a wild turn of events, I don’t need to take estrogen this week or go back in for another monitoring Saturday, just OPKs and then progesterone!  I’m so surprised.  My body must like Letrozole (hoping it’s not a fluke) because I was a 6.5 lining today on day 12 with it looking like I’ve still got some time until O to build on that.  My doctor was happy leaving me be with anything over a 5 today so I’m pretty happy... I never got over a 4 all cycle unmedicated.  YAY for GOOD news at an appointment for once!
  • @ccvslp that’s good news! Yay for lining 
  • @lin0442 I understand wanting to avoid the holidays. My loss was a week before our anniversary and ten days before Christmas. I don't really remember much about the holiday stuff from last year. 
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @ccvslp Crossing my fingers that we all get our Christmas presents!
    Me: 30 DH: 35
    Married 12/2014
    TTC#1: 4/2017

  • @ccvslp that's great news!!
  • Thanks, guys!

    More blow-my-mind Monday... positive OPK this afternoon?! (Pretty convincing wondfo and solid smiley on clear blue so I’m reeeeeally hoping I caught the beginning of the surge!). Tonnnnnns of EWCM today all day.  I have never ever had signs like this so early.  I know it doesn’t mean we’ll get KU, doesn’t mean all will go well... lining could be thin next month or something.. but for this moment I’m hopeful and excited for the first time in six months so I will take it!!
  • @ccvslp FX!!!

    AFM CD 1. Shortest cycle I've had. 27 days. i'm thankful that it was short since it appears I didn't ovulate. I called my OB to get pre-RE insurance required testing done. She doesn't have an appointment open til May 1st. So basically at least another 2 cycles before we can get to an RE (at least). This is month 16 of trying for us. I feel like a VERY different person than I was at the start of this... Anyone else?
  • @ccvslp Great news!  GL!

    @kath525 Yep. DH says he feels like he's lost me to this process. I think it's mostly the stress and constant TTC on the brain. I do try to not let it permeate into other areas of my life,  but at this point,  it's pretty hard.  You can't not put life on hold with IVF and everything that goes into it. I have max 5 transfers left so either I'm pregnant in the next 6 months or it's the end of the road and life will have to move on. I 100% want my story to end with a healthy babe, but there's some sense of relief that it will be ending either way. 

    AFM, CD 16 and no O in sight. Those two tiny doses of Lupron must have really screwed with my body. I can't wait to just get back to normal. 
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    Apr 17: IUI #1 = BFN
    May 17: IUI #2 = BFN
    Jun 17: IUI #3 = Late BFP (18 DPO) | NMC 17Jul17 @ ~6w
    Aug 17: IUI #4 = Cancelled due to premature ovulation | TI = BFN
    Sep 17: IUI #5 = Cancelled due to overstimulation (10+ follies)
    Nov 17: IVF #1 = Cancelled due to non-IF related health issue | TI = BFN
    Dec 17: IVF #1 = Puregon 200, Menopur 75, Orgalutran, Suprefact trigger due to OHSS risk | 22R, 18M, 16F, 10B frozen  
    Feb 18: FET #1 (medicated) = BFN
    Mar 18: FET #2 (natural cycle) = CP (beta 1: 54; beta 2: 0)
    Apr 18: FET #3 (natural cycle) = cancelled due to missed ovulation
    Apr 18: FET #3 (natural cycle) = BFP! Beta 1: 201  Beta 2: 585 Beta 3: 3254 Beta 4: 9715 U/S 19May - one bean measuring on track with a HB of 125!
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    My Rainbow Baby Boy born 03Jan2019 <3 

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