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Anyone using Progesterone suppositories?

Hi Ladies! I'm 40 yrs old, 5W 3D, had 2 MCs, and according to the stats I'm a geriatric high risk pregnancy...LOL! Boy I tell you I'm so happy I don't worry about what people call me. I'm inserting one progesterone suppository each night. Are any of you ladies using them? 

Re: Anyone using Progesterone suppositories?

  • Yup. Twice daily. Our baby is due to IVF so I need progesterone since I am not making any of my own.
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  • Yep, i do and i haved used them for all 3 of my pregnancies. The ones I using now are red so you can just imagine how I feel everytime I go to the restroom and see red. I naturally have low progesterone so that why I need them. Good luck ladies.
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  • @kiwi2628 have you experienced any cramping? I started the progesterone  yesterday and I'm cramping a little. Just feels weird.
  • Yes, i did right after I started using it all 3 times. It does feel weird. I still get cramping and I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. 
  • Wow @rossynotreadyfor3! Seeing red would freak me out too. It's comforting knowing that you've used them with all three of your babies.
  • Yep. Mine’s a gel suppository, twice a day until 10 weeks. 
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  • Hey, another old lady! I'm also 40. :) IVF pregnancy, so I'm on Endometrin suppositories 3x/day in addition to PIO shots (hate them!). Haven't asked yet how long this clinic will keep me on them.

    Didn't know there was a red version out there. That sounds awful!
    DD born April 2015 after many rounds of IVF and losses.

    After much more of the same...

  • I’m on them 3x/day.  I’ve had several miscarriages so hopefully the progesterone along with other meds I’m on is working.  I normally have spotting and haven’t noticed any this time.  I’m 8 + 4.

  • @rossynotreadyfor3 Why would they make them red?! Def not designed by a woman.  :s
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  • @rossynotreadyfor3 mine are red too! I hate it so much! I’ve been bitching about them for weeks. Why oh whyyy would they make them red?
  • Mine are red as well but oral. I think the red ones are intended as oral so the red is a smooth coating to make swallowing it easier, but Dr's have been using it as a suppository for faster absorbtion. I have P-2 written on my pill. 

  • Yup, IVF pregnancy so I use the suppositories every morning. They tested my progesterone last week and it was >120 so I should be able to stop them after my 7 week ultrasound if everything looks good. 
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    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
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