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Labor and birth stories

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Here’s a thread where we can talk and AW about the details of our labors and the births of our babies! It’s also a place we can go to give congratulations and ask questions so we don’t clog up the birth announcements thread. 

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Re: Labor and birth stories

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  • StephieMK  I LOVE STORIES LIKE YOURS, thanks for sharing, rockstar. 
  • @itsrandiyo hahaha thanks! Definitely never would have anticipated that ending. And seriously, any woman that goes without the epidural is a rock star!
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  • @btm013 Wow! What a roller coaster you went on. Glad all is well! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter  :) 
  • My birth experience was scary.  I went for a scheduled c-section. They prepared me for surgery and started an epidural. Unfortunately,  the catheter was misplaced in my vein. In few seconds, I started losing consciousness and started seizing. I cant remember what happened after that, . I couldn't breathe, I was sure my life was over. They put me under general anaesthesia,  got baby out in a 2 minutes. Its a very traumatizing experience  but we are both made it and doing ok. I never knew epidural can go so wrong??For those getting epidural, please do a little research...if something doesn't feel right, say something.  I saw my bp drop very rapidly, became sob, I didn't get any numbness etc.
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    @Mamapema OMG that’s so scary! Glad you’re both all right. I have a friend whose epidural was botched up, making her go numb below her neck instead of her waist. She thought her lungs would stop working and she’d die. I’d like to avoid having an epidural if at all possible.
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  • my handsone baby 2 weeks old after almost having him at home. Went to hospital was dilated at 10 wasn't hooked up to ivs nothing i gave birth right away almost in a wheelchair.
  • @Mamapema OMG that’s so scary! Glad you’re both all right. I have a friend whose epidural was botched up, making her go numb below her neck instead of her waist. She thought her lungs would stop working and she’d die. I’d like to avoid having an epidural if at all possible.
    @stemgirl11 Thanks.does your friend currently has any side effects from the epidural gone bad? I'm hoping I'll be ok. 
  • @Mamapema Physically she’s fine, and after the epidural wore off there were no issues as far as I know. But it took her a long time to recover mentally because she was so terrified and even though her son’s fine and there were no long-term issues for her, it took her a couple of years to move past it. She doesn’t plan on having more kids. 
    Me & DH: 28
    EDD #1: 4/2018
  • Baby Violet was born Friday evening 4/13, ten days after her due date weighing 7lbs. 3 oz. My contractions became strong later Thursday evening to the point that it was too painful to go to bed. My husband stayed up with me watching a movie and walking down our street. At 4am Friday the contractions were very painful and between 2 and 5 minutes apart, so we decided to go to the hospital. In triage they said that while I was 90% effaced, I was only dialated to 3cm, so they would not admit me. They didn't have any rooms available anyway. I decided to wait in triage for two hours to get rechecked. I was about 5cms when they rechecked, and by the time I was fully admitted 3.5 hours after we got to the hospital, I was sure it was going to be a long painful process and decided to get an epidural. The epidural was amazing, it made the rest of the day pretty mellow and allowed me to get sleep that would have otherwise been impossible. The only additional complication was that I developed a fever a few hours after my water broke, and my contractions stalled at various times. I had to get iv antibiotics. They let me take a nap after that. When I woke up, I had a new ob, who checked me, said that I was dialated to 10cm, and that the baby would be born in the next hour or 2, and that I could start pushing. 20 minutes late my daughter was born. My husband and mother were recruited to hold my legs in the air while I pushed, and got a full view of my daughter being born. It was an amazing experience, but not at all the experience I had planned.
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  • My birth story:

    I've been meaning to post this for ages but I rarely have the time to shower let alone type out a birth story. So this is over a month late.... Baby came exactly 1 week late on April 12th. Contractions started at 9am that morning. I waited an hour just to be sure that they were the real deal. It became clear that they were. Told my husband to book the hotel room I wanted for 2 days, so we'd have time to chill after the birth (sans toddler). Yes, we *planned* on having a baby in a hotel room. I had wanted to do a home birth but we were in-between houses. Our move in day was the 15th and with our LO coming a week late she was born only 3 days before my hubby had to start moving everything (he was pretty bummed about that and missing so much of the early days). Anyway, since the due date was right around our move-in date, and I don't want to go anywhere near a hospital unless I'm dying, I decided to rent a hotel room. Opted for a nice suite with a kitchenette at a place two blocks from my midwives' clinic. We arrived at the hotel at 11:25am but were told the room wasn't ready (check in wasn't until 4pm.) We asked if they could rush the cleaning and the front desk guy was awesome. Super nice. He agreed to rush the cleaning and call us when it was ready. So we parked our car and walked to our midwives' clinic down the street. We stopped at Starbucks on the way and took some funny photos because we found it hilarious that I was in labor and chilling with a rooibos latte about to try and birth a baby in a hotel room. Lol. My entire family was terrified and thought me utterly crazy. Anyhow, we walked to the clinic, let them know I was in labor and was just waiting for my room to open. Shortly after walking in we got the call that our room was ready. We walked back to the hotel and on our way my contractions started coming every minute or less. I went straight up to the room, it was 12 noon now. My husband ran our things up and then he and I started prepping the room (covering the bed in plastic wrap, wee wee pads all over the floor, our own linens and towels, etc). I constantly had to stop and wait for contractions to pass. As soon as we were done getting the room ready I ran a bath and hopped in while hubby timed the contractions. He text my midwife with the info and she said it looked like things were progressing fast so she was heading over. She arrived at 1pm and got her stuff set up while I stayed in the bath. At 2:48pm she asked if I wanted to have a cervical check to see how dilated I was. I said yes so I left the bath and climbed onto the bed. She he checked and I was at 7cm, which surprised me! I told her I was going to get back into the tub and use the shower. The moment I got in the shower I had an overwhelmingly strong contraction and my water broke. I was already looking down at the tub floor when it broke so I saw the color of the water splash down a murky green brown. Instantly I knew what that meant. I called out for my midwife to come in and told her about the meconium in the waters. She started telling me that the "official" recommendation was to transfer to a hospital, but she also gave me the honest percentage chance of something being wrong, which was small. And I knew that already. We checked baby's heart rate and it was still the same normal rate it had been the whole time. So I told her I wasn't going to transfer. It didn't feel right. I just felt like everything would be okay. The next contraction happened and I was overcome by the urge to push, barely made it onto the bed before the following contraction. 10 minutes after my water had broken in the shower and 5 pushes later baby was in my arms. She was born completely healthy at 3:14pm in room 314 of the hotel, so we call her our little Cutie "Pi." Welcome to the world Ourania Freydis. 8lbs 11oz, 20 inches long. She was a chunky monkey to begin with and just keeps getting chunkier. My milk came in the day after her birth, which blew my mind because the first time around my milk took forever to come in. Ourania got back to her birth weight at only 1 week old, and nursing has been going strong from the get go. Hurt like a son of a b**** for what seemed like ages but *finally* that passed. Thank heavens.... And now we're just trying to get through this crazy insanity that is having a newborn *and* a toddler. Oy.... Thank goodness they're so darn cute. Okay yay! Finally get to post my birth story! 
  • I was 11 days past due, and I started to spot lighty So I went in as a precaution, and they were like girl your past due so we going to keep and induce you....so of course I was excited, but little did I know I would be there from 7am till 3:02am the next day....the pushed pitocin and I quickly dialated with no issues...then when I got to about 5cm the contractions were strong and really painful and stayed that way for hours and hours they hooked up an epidural...I got relief for about 40 mins then it completely wore off...I was shocked because you always hear how much the epidural helps...and for me it just wasn't taking....the ansti guy didn't want to try it again since it took him so long to get it in there in first place. .so yes ...I had to endure the whole thing with no pain meds except for that brief 40 mins around 5pm....the rest of the night was probably the worst pain I've ever experienced and I've been In car accidents with broken ribs....that was nothing compared to this...at midnight I was 10 fully dialated and ready to push...I pushed for 2 1/2 hours before they decided to do an emergency C-section.... Once in the room they did the spinal and prep me, and they gave me too much so I literally was doing Morris code with my eyes just trying to give a signal that I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't move my mouth or speak , my vocal chords were numb so no sound we coming out no matter how hard I tried, finally they saw me and they had to physically force air which was werid becuase I was mentally aware but just couldn't do anything... My mom was going to be partner Because my husband will faint at any sight of blood. And they wouldn't let her in becuase I wasn't breathing and i could hear them talking saying oh this is too intense something could happen the mother can't come in....the labor was the most painful and the surgery was the scariest. They had to physically turn my head for me to see my boy and I couldn't say or do anything because the med atill hadn't worn off..but inside I was full of joy...then 5 seconds later I threw up...I didn't know it was coming I just felt warm on my face then make nurse was like oops someone threw up lol...funny now thinking back. Then they all started yelling, sounds were beeping...and the ansti. Was still forcing air and telling me that it was going to be okay and to not be scared..but I was ...I was bleeding out while they were stiching me up....I was bleeding out the bottom and I lost so much blood that I completely passed out. And I woke up in post op being hooked to a transfusion bag....deff scary...but after all of that I finally was able to hold my baby, and thats worth going through anything..
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