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October 2018 Moms

WTF Wednesday

Hey look, I remembered! WTF is going on today, ladies?

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Re: WTF Wednesday

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  • Wtf public school. The book fair... for preschoolers?! Come on man. $20 later... and I know I know it's just books. The thing is, we don't even have enough room for our current books. *sigh*
    DS  12-1-2014
    DD 10-29-2016
    #3 due 10-13-2018
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  • @acciocoffee - There's a similar scan where an "attorney" calls from jail because a family member has been found at fault in a car crash and needs bail money. The relative gets on the phone, but because their nose is broken they can't talk long. The attorney can file the paperwork and process bail - once the numbers from a $2,000 Wal-mart gift card is provided. Of course, if you wait too long, the judge might leave for the day so another $2,000 can help expedite. Unfortunately an elderly family friend fell for this. Fortunately, their bank gave them the money back. 
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