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Monday Moans- Pet Peeve Edition


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  • I really wish xanax were pregnancy safe, but infant risk (via their awesome app Mommy Meds-worth the $3 btw it gives better info than a lot of doctors on breastfeedinig safe drugs, and infant risk is the ultimate authority!) says no. 

    I would love to have something that is short acting, use only when I need, anti-anxiety drug. Won't even have a chance to talk this over with my regular doc though for at least a month. Because so many other appointments going on.
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  • Sending virtual twizzlers..aka love tits.
    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
    Team green turned BLUE!
    BFP 1/1/18, due 9/7/18 Team Green

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  • @AdmiralKitty yes to the repetitive noises! My H does this all the time and I always tell him to stop since it drives me crazy. Also that sounds exhausting attending that many weddings so many months in a row. I hope you're able to go to most!

  • PP- When others aren't organized. When people show up more than 15 mins late anywhere. When DH eats garlic or cheese right before bed. When I see healthy individuals sitting in the elderly/pregnant woman spot on public transportation. My in laws. When DH drives while playing on his phone. When I hear two or more noises in a room. 
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  • @smsaulino I often take public transportation to and from work because my employer pays for it, and I fully plan on taking advantage of being pregnant to get a seat in the afternoons! If I have sciatic pain like I did last time, I will NEED to sit down and I hope people are nice about it  :#
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  • @embri12 my MIL does this all the time! For mother’s day last year she offered to pick up champagne and orange juice then asked DH to do it the day before (right after I had gone grocery shopping)... my parents were going to the store so I had them do it instead, because they don’t offer to be nice then make my H do it instead.
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    @smsaulino @southernlady07 I had terrible experiences on public transportation my last pregnancy. I’m fact, the only good thing was that I found some serious satisfaction in asking people for a seat like “excuse me, I’m 8 months pregnant and have no balance, would anyone mind giving up their seat?” And watching people shame each other. The BEST however was when someone asked ME for their seat...he was a roughly 50-60 year old man who looked like he’d had a tough life and did seem to have some physical limitations, but he was VERY RUDE about it. Basically not asking, just loudly proclaiming young people should not take the seats. And the guy next to me didn’t stop was soon, so I stood up and said “I’m 8 months pregnant, but if it’s so important to you, here’s my seat”. He took it! A woman across the way ended up giving me her seat, but everyone was glaring so hard at the guy who asked rudely AND the jerk who didn’t get up. 
  • @MandyMost Oh my gosh!!! I bet he got so many glares after that. The nerve! Thankfully, the people using this public transportation are all commuters so it is not random people; I see most of them every day! And I live in the South, so in general people are pretty nice and accommodating :) 
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  • @southernlady07 @smsaulino @MandyMost I’m totally enjoying the bus conversation! I live in L.A. and I don’t have a car. I take a commuter express bus to and from work every day. I know most people on the bus, but they don’t know I’m pregnant. Sometimes I have to stand and I just can’t wait to actually look pregnant so that people will offer me a seat! I don’t normally mind standing, but it’s 45 minutes and I’ve been feeling dizzy. I did it the other day and now I am promising myself - never again. I will just wait for the next bus. But it’s Los Angeles - a good amount of the people are selfish jerks. There are also lovely people here. So, it will be interesting to see what happens! 
  • @magnolia209 I'm in Houston which is known mainly as a medical city, amongst other things. So when I ride public transportation into the hospital area for my appointments or to volunteer, I never really know if the people sitting have a hidden illness or not. It's just when I get on the rail at my stop, it's standing room only. I'm not on there long.. maybe 15 minutes or so. 
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  • ashh2018ashh2018
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    Can everyone please join me in a big ‘ol “F this bitch”? 

    I have an old friend who was never much of a friend. More of a manipulator, sort of toxic so I cut ties when I moved. She periodically texts me, usually bc she needs something “I’m looking for a new job in ____, don’t you know someone who works at ____?”, etc. Well, I announced my pregnancy on social media yesterday (yay!) and immediately got a text from her: “Congratulations! I’m a little jealous :(“. Like, sorry? I texted back “Thanks!” She asked some more weird questions like “was it a surprise? Is your family happy?” 

    I just logged into fb to see that she updated her status to be a pic of an ultrasound of her heart (wtf?!). So now everyone is commenting “OMG congratulations!”  Good lord. 
  • I just remembered that I have a chocolate ice cream bar in the work freezer that I bought last week... then I remembered some idiot blew the breaker on Saturday and didn’t reset it, so our fridge and freezer was off for 24 hours. I’m gonna guess no more ice cream bar...
  • @Patience7150 right? lol I’m tempted to finally put an end to the periodic friendship by texting her to tell her that faux pregnancy announcements are in poor taste. 
  • @ashh2018 big WTF to her. That's so incredibly immature. What a waste of space, time, and energy.

  • @nlc8424 just so bizarrely immature. This is a 38 year old woman we’re talking about! lol goodness. 
  • @ashh2018 that is an actual crazy person. A heart ultrasound, wtf? 
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  • @fwtx5815 truly. This is the same woman who sent me a fb message when I announced my engagement that said “I’m so happy for you! And I totally understand, I’ll be happy even if I’m not invited to your wedding.” I hadn’t seen her in ten years and we rarely speak. Not to mention, I had a small, primarily family wedding with 40 guests. No, you’re not invited lol. But clearly you’re “so happy” for me haha. 
  • I wouldn’t acknowledge her either. She is clearly all about herself and speaking to her further is giving her the attention she’s clearly seeking. 
  • @ashh2018 What a weird, immature, selfish woman! I say cut ties ASAP. 
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