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2/26 Milestone Monday

Happy Monday! Let’s hear about those milestones! 

Re: 2/26 Milestone Monday

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    I have completely stopped breastfeeding. Was down to bedtime only the last 2 weeks, but just cut that out too. I was trying to make it to 6 months and made it to 7! Had to stop once LO decided to bite me with his 2 bottom teeth! 

    Been trying new food. Had Mac and cheese last night (he loved it) and swordfish (he hated it). He’s doing pretty good with soft foods. We had been doing only puréed up to this point. Haven’t quite mastered picking up food and putting it in his mouth yet, though
  • @Cynth0104 How was the weaning experience (for both you and LO)?  How long did it take?  It's refreshing to hear someone else talk about stopping breastfeeding.  Most people I know either never breastfed to begin with or are in it for the long haul.  6 months was my original goal too (and early on I never thought I'd make it that far!), then once I made it 6 months I decided to try to make it to the 'end' of cold/flu season, basically around 8 months for me, so I'd have another month to go.  Trying to decide if I want to start slowly weaning now or start the weaning at 8 months. 
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  • My internet has been out all day and is finally working! @cynth0104 congrats on making it to 7 months!!
    We finally tried food, yay! He always shudders the first few 'bites' but then goes back for more. I'm trouble getting him to actually bring the food to his mouth. He'd rather grab my hand holding the food and bring it to his mouth, especially if it's cold like fruit. So far we had strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, sweet potato and apple sauce.

    We're crawling and pulling to stand super efficiently now, too efficiently.  All he wants to do is stand and ends up pulling to stand on really odd things, like toys that roll and pillows. He also forgets he can't reach his toys while standing and topples over trying to get them. I wish he'd stick to crawling!
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  • @CPR79, weaning was easier for him than me! It was much harder for me emotionally. I think because it want necessarily my choice (I mean...the biting did me in!). I went down to twice a day (morning and bedtime). I tried to stop from that, but it was way too painful. Lasted about 36 hours and decided to just switch to bedtime only. It’s now been 3 days since feeding him at bedtime and I have felt fine. I will tell you that if you want to stop completely at 8 months, start warning now. Otherwise, the pain is miserable! 

    @jkbrownstein, how old is LO? I am not looking forward to the crawling or the pulling up! LO will stand if I stand him, but he is not pulling up yet. He is a pro at turning in circles, but no crawling yet! Congrats on starting food!
  • @cynth0104 6 months as of 2/12 so he met this milestone super early!
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  • LO is army crawling to get things now. He is also trying to sit up from laying down. Im starting BLW and introduced a sippy cup with just a little water in it.

    I THINK he's understanding what dada and mama mean. Whenever I have him and he's upset he repeats dada over and over until daddy comes in view and takes him(unless daddy is at work then it just continues till I can get him calmed down). When daddy has him and he gets upset he calls mama till I come get him. The only time he really says them unless he's trying to get one of us to pick him up from the floor lol.

    LOs milestones are so different than my other 3. My first walked at 6 months and talking several words by 9 months. My middle 2 didnt walk till a year and they are in speech for speech delays. I think LO is goung to be just a little ahead of the curve but not as much as my oldest.

    @jkbrownstein Be ready! There's no stopping your LO now lol.
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