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Miscarriage or too soon to tell?

Had my first Dr appointment (second pregnancy) (6weeks/5days) and no heartbeat was detected. My doctor sent me for another scan w a more sensitive machine (still no heartbeat) and told me I will most likely be miscarrying. After researching online, my husband and I have found so many stories where heartbeat wasn’t found until 8-10 weeks (for a variety of reasons). Dr seems convinced that I will miscarry and I feel like is pushing a d&c. I told her I want another ultrasound first, which she said she understood. Fetus is only measuring a day shy of where I should be. I have had mild cramping the entire pregnancy, but I was under the impression that was normal. I’m trying to be realistic and don’t want to give false hope, but I’m kind of in denial. My dr and I left it that I would get an ultrasound next week and if there’s no growth, I have my answer. Has anyone had any experience with this? Stories (positive or negative) would be really appreciated. I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do and feel like I’m getting conflicting advice from my dr and my husband. I requested bloodwork and my hcg levels are great. 

Re: Miscarriage or too soon to tell?

  • Honestly, it's a case where you'll just have to wait and see. In my pregnancy, I measured 6 weeks 3 days and no hb at 7 weeks and it ended in a natural miscarriage 4 days later. I'm hoping you will go back next week and see growth.
  • My last MC I went in for scan at 6wks and measured a few days behind.  No heartbeat.  Dr told us we had a 50% chance that it could go either way.  We had a scan a week later with little growth and no heartbeat.  I had d & c a few days later and genetic testing which showed two sperm fertilized egg so it never would have developed.  This was my 3rd MC with no heartbeat all at various stages.  I hope you go back and see heartbeat.  Sorry you are going through this.  
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  • A HB is almost always visible on ultrasound by 7 weeks, but if growth is on track I would wait at least a week and get a 2nd ultrasound before getting a D&C.  I hope things turn out okay for you.  
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  • Is your uterus titled?  With my last loss,vwe had no HB at 7 weeks, doctor wasn't overly concerned. At 8 weeks still no HB and a shrinking sac, so it was confirmed, but still 7 weeks, he said with the tilt it could still be up to 9 weeks to see a HB.

    Also, are you sure of your dates?  With my first pregnancy, I wasn't, at what I thought was 8 weeks was only measuring 5, which ended up being accurate.

     With my 2nd pregnancy, I was sure of my dates, at 6.5 weeks, I measured 5.5 weeks with no HB, a week later, I measured 8 weeks with a strong HB.  So honestly, there are so many different scenarios, I wish you the best.
  • I'm sorry you are going through this.  I would just try to stay off of the internet, and keep yourself busy.  You will need to wait it out. I've been in your shoes and spent so many nights on the internet looking at outcomes and it ended up driving me crazy. GL to you.
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