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3rd Week of October (15-21) DD Check-In


Re: 3rd Week of October (15-21) DD Check-In

  • Thanks @chopchop25. I think from reading these boards, you probably get a falsely elevated sense of how common it is, just because I think many women seek out the support that these boards offer when it comes
    to losses. FX that we all have good ultrasounds and healthy babies!! 
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  • My EDD has been changed to October 18th so I belong here now! Hopefully it doesn’t change again. 

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  • kaylalani21kaylalani21 member
    edited February 2018
    When are you due: October 18th

    How are you feeling? Tire, and a constant stiff neck on my L side. Been to the chiropractor twice and a massage tomorrow. .but that's my biggest complaint so far

    Next apt/ultrasound: March 5th. I have a lot if anxiety leading up to it, I just want to know there's a baby there and in the right spot

    Questions or concerns? No. I just want that ultrasound. We're telling our parents this weekend so I just don't want it to be a false alarm

    GTKY: I would go to the mountains in the hot springs

  • Not sure if we have a new thread going yet, but good luck to everyone who has a first appt today and this week!
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