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Telling the boss?

 When do you tell your boss you're pregnant? I was going to wait until after my ultrasound on the 26th, but I have pretty obvious symptoms and I don't want rumors to get to her before I can say anything directly. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow. 

I think my major anxiety about this is down to the fact that I'm in a three person department that really suffers if someone is out and we're already pretty far behind.

Any advice? When are you planning to tell or when did you tell last time?

Re: Telling the boss?

  • I'd say whenever you feel comfortable. I was originally going to right after my BFP, but chickened out. I'm thinking after ultrasound? I am in a two person department, so I feel you there. Can you get a cover? Maybe meet with HR to discuss leave length and possible cover. Either way, it is stressful to leave, but (I'm guessing) they've done it before, and they will manage!
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  • I am in a 4 person dept but I am the only person who does what I do currently. I don't plan to tell my boss until we get through the 1st trimester. There is still plently of time to come up with a plan after that. 
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  • I told her shortly after we found out. I kinda had an idea how it would go because my co-worker next to me is 9 weeks ahead of me. She'll be coming back right around when I go out! 

    I already feel kinda miserable even though I'm only 5w today. So, I just wanted to give her a heads up. I have told my two teammates, but haven't told my boss's bosses yet. Unfortunately, we're a brand new team still getting our feet wet, so I feel a little bad that two of us are, but they knew we were trying.
  • I told my boss at 6 weeks,  only because she knew we'd been doing IUI and I was constantly leaving for appts. I'll probably tell my co-op manager in a couple weeks and the rest of the dept at 12ish weeks.  I waited until I was through the first trimester to tell my boss last time (different job,  my boss was a man and not a sensitive one at that,  so I was in no rush to tell him).
  • I work with radiation and lots of chemicals, so I told everyone when I started infertility treatments so I could minimize (and ultimately stop) being around those things. My entire office knew the day I got my BFP. Its been really great.
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  • Last time I told my boss at twelve weeks. This time I’m not sure yet...
  • Last time I told mine around 10-12 weeks (different job).  This time I am not sure yet.  I might wait until 12 weeks unless obvious symptoms arise and I cant hide it.  She knows we are trying so it wont be too much of a shock.
  • 3rd pregnancy and I have told my boss each time around 6 weeks. We have a good relationship though. We schedule trials and other things months to a year ahead of time so its important that he knows my availability. I think it is whatever you are comfortable with. Honestly you can go all 9 months and not say a word and that would be your decision. 

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    I am definitely waiting until the 12-14 week range. It's going to be pretty disruptive to my time in the program, so some of our leadership will have to know (I think, based on the way this is setup) once I tell, so I'd rather hold off.
  • Depends on you, your job, and your boss. I’m the manager at a dental office that’s part of a chain of office. We have no other admin people in my building, so when I go on maternity leave... or if something happens and I need some time off... she’ll have to find coverage. So she needed to know now. Also I look 6 months pregnant so it would’ve been obvious when she stopped by. 

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  • I plan to wait 3-4 months, or until I start to really show. There's also the possibility that we close on a new home in the next state over, in which case I plan to give 3 weeks notice the day after closing. 

    In an office of 5 with one part-timer, we can function day to day with only 3 in the office. We have one coming back from maternity leave in March and another one going out in June. Since I dont plan to be there long term, I know I want to give them an opportunity to have my replacement asap. 
  • I decided to wait until after my appointment (March 20) to tell my bosses. They will just be happy and excited, so admittedly it was more just when I felt like sharing. I am the office manager of a little counseling office, so it is just me and the two of them. They will manage just fine while I am gone, but I plan on being off two weeks and then coming back just for mornings (which really is plenty of time to get my work done) for a month or so after that.

    I was just sitting here with one of them though (the other is out today) and talking about her new grandbaby while simultaneously trying not to gag from the smell of the lunch that I brought for us (which sounded great when I made it this morning) and then again when her next client came in after smoking a cigarette, and it made me realize that it might be tougher than I thought to wait on the news. she is pretty perceptive anyway and I think regardless of when I decide to share she will guess it before long.

  • ...and I think I used the word "just" a record number of times in that last post. *just* thought I would share :|
  • I work as an engineer in a mostly construction-y type office. Occasionally I have to go out in the field and do some physical stuff (I used to a lot more, but now my coworkers pretty much know that I'm not going to). But the physical stuff is fine, but if I start feeling sick or start getting bigger, I'm DEFINITELY not going to want to. I was going to wait the 12 weeks to tell everyone, but if something comes up I want to get out of then I may end up telling my coworker just so he can cover for me. I'm on a team of 3, but they'd be fine without me. We used to be just 2 but recently added the third anyway. My boss is really chill though so I'm not worried at all. I just work with a bunch of guys so they don't think about a lot of things. Lol
  • Just remember that even if you are symptomatic and rumors are circulating you have absolutely no obligation to say anything to your boss. I waited until I was past 12 weeks and saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound.
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  • I’m a teacher. I told the school nurse already because I want her to let me know if there’s anything i should know about goin around. I don’t remember when I told my principal last time, but this time I’m thinking after my ultra sound in two weeks I’ll tell him.
  • I told my boss after I got my first beta results back. I know I will need to go to doctor appointmentments soon since I am PAIF.
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  • We’re in the middle of open in enrollment, and I trust my HR person to keep it confidential, so I have already told her.  She was able to give me some helpful tips on enrollment options.  She knows that I plan to make an official disclosure in April.  

    My boss knows somethings is up, and may or may not put the dots together.  However, he has very strong personal/professional boundaries, an won’t ask.

     I’m planning to disclose at work at the same time I tell everyone else- 14wks, which is early/mid April. 
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